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6 Depression Chatrooms to Try to Take Back Control of Your Mental Health



Common types of mental disorders

Depression is a complex mental health condition that can leave the victim feeling hopeless and full of sorrow for weeks, months, or even years if left untreated.

A staggering number of depression victims don’t actually seek out any help during the course of their condition, which can lead to more serious complications. Suicide can occur as a result of prolonged depression, and is, sadly, one of the biggest killers of young adults in the US.

Taking control of your mental health starts with connecting to someone who knows what you’re going through. There’s a huge difference between sympathy and empathy.

Sympathy comes from an outsider looking in; someone who’s never gone through what you’re going through, but offers love and support in their own way. Empathy comes from someone who knows exactly how you feel and can be a powerful ally in the fight against depression.

Let’s look at six depression chat rooms that you can use to try to take back control of your mental health.

1. Supportiv

Supportiv is one of the web’s foremost mental health resources, offering information, a mental health chatroom, and much more to those suffering from mental illness. Supportiv aims to remove all of the barriers preventing us from talking about mental health, and provide a safe, healthy online environment for victims to connect and offer advice and guidance to one another.

Supportiv will help match you with the right resources for your condition, including videos, articles, chatrooms, and more. You don’t have to set up appointments or fill out paperwork.

You can connect with a chatroom easily by simply telling the site what your struggle is. From there, Supportiv will find you a match and get you started right away!

Supportiv’s services are available for people of all ages and backgrounds. Find help and support today completely anonymously.


This web resource is available to people suffering from a variety of mental health conditions, though the primary aim of the website is to connect those with depression to resources and other victims for support. The website features forums, blogs, and chatrooms for everything from depression to PTSD to bipolar disorder and more!

You’ll be able to join a chatroom within seconds, completely anonymously. Depression chatrooms will connect you with people all over the world suffering from the same condition. You’ll be able to chat and connect in a safe and secure digital environment, and when you’re finished, you simply disconnect from your room.

This resource is completely free and available to the public. Give it a try today for a convenient way to connect with people just like you.

3. Healthful Chat

Healthful Chat offers 40 online chat rooms for everything from alcohol and drug abuse to cancer to depression and so on. With so many rooms available, you can find support for a multitude of mental and physical health issues. The site also features forums and online groups that you can join to help further your mental health journey.

4. Chatzy

Chatzy is a depression chatroom aimed at a younger audience; mostly kids and teenagers who may be suffering from the condition. This kid-friendly safe space allows kids to join anonymous chatrooms and share their concerns with others suffering from the same conditions.

Your child can remain completely anonymous, so you don’t have to worry about anyone getting their information. Chatzy also features a blog with articles on depression and managing mental health as a teenager.

5. Depression Understood

The main thing you want when you’re depressed is to be understood, and that’s where this website comes in. With two main chat rooms and hundreds of active monthly users, you can find exactly the support you’re looking for while still remaining anonymous.

With a laid-back atmosphere, you’ll feel at home and relaxed with your new peers. There’s also a lounge and trivia room to make you feel more at ease, or for more casual conversations.

6. Depression Sanctuary

If you’re looking for free, moderated depression chat rooms, you’ve found it with Depression Sanctuary. You’ll never have to pay for the site’s services, and you can keep your identity anonymous.

However, you will need to make an account to use the services. The site also features articles and other resources you can utilize in your mental health journey.

Do Chatrooms Work?

How effective are chatrooms, anyway? Mental health chatrooms can actually be incredibly beneficial to those suffering from depression, as they provide a sense of community and empathy to the victim while keeping their identity a secret.

Sometimes, you don’t want everyone in your family or friend circle to know that you’re suffering from depression, and chat rooms almost always allow for anonymity. Try one today completely free from our list!