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First-Time Flyer? Here are a Few Tips



Despite the fact that air travel has become increasingly popular in recent years, and that the relative cost of flying has dropped dramatically over the past two decades, there are still millions of people who are yet to have enjoyed a flight. There could be several reasons for this, ranging from fear to a lack of funds, but there will no doubt be a large number of air passengers in 2013 who are taking to the skies for the first time. If you fall into that category, here are a few tips to make the journey a more pleasant one.

Take something to read

Even if you are as excited as can be about your first flight, the chances are you will become bored at some point. Once you get above the clouds, there is very little to see from the windows – apart from clouds, of course. Therefore, make sure you have a book, a magazine, or an e-reader with you, so you can pass an hour or two without being overcome by restlessness.

Remember your health

First-time flyers may not be aware of the fact that sitting in one position, especially on a long flight, can be hazardous to health. The answer is a simple one – get out of your seat whenever you can and go for a short walk along the aisle. Be sure to stretch your legs and your feet on a regular basis, because deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a very real issue for some people. Also, you need to drink plenty of water during the journey, in order to avoid complications caused by dehydration.

Keep your valuables with you

Many first-time air passengers make the mistake of leaving their valuables in the suitcases, and some have found to their cost that this was a bad decision. Your flight bag is kept with you when you fly, but your main luggage goes into the hold. If this goes missing or, even worse, if it’s opened by criminals, you could lose your most precious possessions. Therefore, think in advance about what you are going to take and in which bag you will carry each item.

Keep the children entertained

In general, children love flying; they enjoy the whole process from the anticipation of getting on board to the excitement of the landing, but in between times they will need to be entertained. Long-haul flights usually offer a selection of TV shows and movies on seat-back screens, as well as a choice of music, and this will keep them occupied for a while. At some point, however, they will need other stimulation, so it makes sense to pack a few hand-held toys and some books.