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The 3-Day Winter Detox



Feeling tired lately it might be time for a kidney detox juice x

There seems to be a lot of buzz about juicing, cleansing and detoxing. As the New Year is in full swing our health becomes a priority. But going on a fast, diet or detox should be thought out. The winter months make it difficult to take care of yourself, so the detox you do is important. Many people do detoxes improperly. Avoid common diet mistakes with these detox tips.

A primary mistake is doing the wrong type of detox for the season, for instance, a winter detox will use different ingredients than a summer cleanse. Focus on the details for optimal health.

Here is a 3-day Winter Detox that can help you feel vibrant, healthy, and alive. Eat healthy, nourishing foods and you won’t go hungry, you may reboot your digestion and even shed some pounds. Your skin can improve and your teeth condition can improve as well.

Avoid gluten if you are gluten-free and dairy if you are dairy-free. To prepare for your 3-day detox, get all of your supplies, go shopping, and get the necessary ingredients. Having everything you need at home allows you to focus on your nutrition and health for the entire 3 days.

Drink a lot of water

Drinking water will help you detox. It cleans out the system and removes food particles from your teeth. Many people don’t like the taste of water. You can add flavor by putting in lemon, lime, fruits, or vegetables in your water. Water acts as a mouthwash to help remove toxins in the mouth and flushes them quickly out of the body,.

Use more Lemon

Lemon is a good food to add to your diet for a detox. You can add it to your water; squeeze it over fish, your salad, or soups. Lemon helps stimulate the metabolism and digestive system. It helps flush out toxins in the body. When you eat lemon the sour food creates more salvia in your mouth, which can help reduce cavities by removing bacteria build up.


If you aren’t exercising you may feel lethargic. The human body is made to move. Sweat every day for optimal health. Whether you prefer a hot yoga session, a gentle run, or extended walk with your furry friend, moving the body is critical to a healthy heart, body, and smile. People who work out feel better about them and often smile more.