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Gift Ideas for First Responders or EMT’s



Awesome gift ideas for people who’ve run out of options

If you’re looking for the ideal gift for the first responder or EMT in your life or you just need a way to say “Thanks” after a serious situation, it can be difficult to come up with the perfect idea. For many, a gift that reflects their professions is the ideal way to go. These ideas can help.

The Right Tools

Many first responders and EMTs are always happy to get a tool he or she can use on or off the job, and there are a number of fantastic ideas out there. You may want to consider a new stethoscope with a high level of quality or other neat features, or you could look at other imperative tools to offer like trauma shears. Other options are oxygen wrenches or medical tape holders. You may even want to consider a set of great pens, as EMTs and first responders alike typically have quite a bit of writing to do, and it’s always tough to find the right pen.

Cooking Tools/Supplies

Many EMTs and first responders spend quite a bit of time at the station, and kitchen items are the perfect way to show your appreciation or love for those in your life. A travel coffee mug is a good choice because he or she is likely to need something like that at the station, but you could also consider something like barbeque tools, jar gifts, or even heavy-duty pots and pans that may make cooking a bit easier while they’re at the station.

Enhance Their Bunk

From personalized alarm clocks to cozy fleece blankets, there are a number of ways to help enhance your favorite first responder or EMT’s bunk. Specialized pillows, sleep masks, or even soothing pillow speakers can also be great ways to help make a bunk feel a little more like home during those long shifts.

Create Some Downtime Fun

There are sometimes long hours between calls during any given shift, and coming up with a gift that may help to enhance that downtime is a great idea. If your EMT or first responder has an iPad or Kindle, you may want to purchase some gift certificates so he or she can download ebooks, movies, games, music, and more for a bit of extra fun between calls. You could also consider a video game system like a Wii or Kinect for the entire station so your EMT can get some serious playtime in while waiting for the next call.

If you’re still not entirely sure what gift might work best, you may want to create specialty gift baskets that reflect the EMT or first responder’s needs perfectly. For example, if he or she is a sports fan, put together a basket of memorabilia from a favorite player or team. If you know the individual in your life loves coffee, choose a variety of flavored coffees, a few great mugs, and maybe even a gift card to his or her favorite coffee shop. Coming up with a gift for the EMT or first responder in your life doesn’t have to be hard because there are many great choices out there designed to meet your needs.