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Top Strange Ways to Stay Healthy



Healthy eating to keep you fit and healthy

Health always exudes beauty. To be healthy is to be beautiful. Our society today put so much emphasis on ways of taking care of our body. It is great to know that we can do some little things to be fit.

Fitness programs, diet management, exercise routines, all of these were part of our day to day struggle with health and fitness. Especially that we are bombarded with so many tempting unhealthy, unfit, and detrimental stuff, we should look for ways to counter this.

Weird and Strange but Healthy

So we are used to things that are conventional. But then, there is no harm in trying this oh so simple and fun tips to stay healthy. Let us get the strange ball rolling.

1. Get intimate. Intimacy such as kissing and sex helps in producing immunoglobin which is the body’s defense against viruses that cause flu and colds.

2. Drink dark grape juice or red wine. There was a study of a town once where all people has a glass of wine every meal. This village has the highest number of centenarians. So that’s what grape and its products can do for you. Plus it helps prevent heart attacks and fight cancer.

3. Drink coffee. Coffee is an antioxidant that might help counter diabetes, cancer, and other diseases.

4. Laugh and laugh and laugh. Laughter is a good if not the best medicine. To laugh is to release endorphin which lowers stress and boosts the immune system.

5. Pick up a tune. Sing your heart out. Sing as loudly but without disrupting your neighbors. It has been found out that singing doesn’t only boost our circulation but it also helps combat other diseases because of the improved lymphatic system.

6. Turn on the radio or your groove shark. Music is therapy. It’s a free way to reduce the thinking of our troubles. It can help to lower stress levels, blood pressure, and combats pain and increase concentration. This saves a trip to the doctor.

7. Teeth Health is overall health. Brushing and flossing always will help you eliminate plaque and deadly bacteria that might enter your blood system and cause you a heart attack or stroke later.

8. Throw your old skin and body products. Expired products no matter how expensive they were will only do you bad than good. Remember that a slight irritation now will get worse later. Prevention is better than cure.

9. Have more friends than enemies. This is the greatest thing you can do to your health. Having no qualms against someone gives you a light feeling and having a support system gives you a solid wall.

These strange things aren’t that really strange in a superlative sense of words but they were things that we overlooked as so simple and ways that we can live without. But little did we know that one of the above-mentioned tips might save you from the next heart attack.