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Moving to College without Feeling Any Fear



The year of graduation and moving to college is full of emotions and new experiences. The expectations are great and the teenagers often feel it hard to find their way. Changes can be very stressful and no matter how much we have heard about life in college and the interesting sides of it, the meeting with the new can be scary. The difficulty comes from another fact and this is the distance that will be between the kid and the parents. No matter how much children try to deny the control of the parents, when they go away they are appreciating the closeness of the adults and their support.

Teenagers often feel uncertain, because if they have had their friends and circles in the school and felt good about that, now they have to start making new acquaintances and gain the respect of the others all over again.

All these thoughts may lead to deep depressions and the problems may become serious. There are however several devices that can be given to the parents and the teenagers to help them manage this hard period of change.

To plan the move carefully is very important and it is not only about what to take with you and what to leave. Kids have to try to think of the new situation and be very sure how to act and what impression they will like to leave in their future friends.

By this time the teenager has to know exactly where he is going. The internet can be very useful in the situation. Usually, all colleges have a special chat or site, where the freshmen are registering and are starting to communicate with each other even before they have moved to the place. In every situation talking to people with similar problems and concerns can be very useful. It will also help to release a great amount of the pressure the teenagers are going through.

Studying is the main reason why a teenager will go to college. If you are a parent remind your child to sign-up to receive news about the institution. Thus the changes will not catch you unprepared.

When planning the move it is essential to avoid arriving too early before the others. Usually, two or three days before the orientation date are ok. The longer your child stays alone before the lectures start without doing anything, the bigger is the possibility to get homesick and to experience a crisis.

While surfing the net and talking to other freshmen of the same college, try to sign for sports activities. Joining a club and expecting the meeting with others can be very useful.

Kids should receive proper goodbye with their old mates at the old place before they start college. As they have a party with friends they will not lose confidence easily after that, because they will remember about this special moment and that there are people who love and like them no matter what happens.

Children are often embarrassed by the attention of their parents. They often feel awkward when they like to kiss and hug them in public. Adults should consider that fact and try to control their emotions in order to put less pressure on the teenager moving to college. They should not push them to call every night for example if the kid likes to contact them for example once in a few days. Leave the kids their personal space and they will turn back to you when they really want to and it will be really honest emotion.