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Top Honeymoon Destinations




France-Paris: termed the city of romance, it makes perfect sense for you to want to honeymoon in Paris, France. The city is beautiful and lively, and the hotels are luxurious and almost all offering honeymoon suites.

Italy: there are a few different parts of Italy that you could go to on your honeymoon, you could choose to go to Venice and spend your time on a gondola or looking at art and culture, alternatively you could go to the south of Italy where it is much quieter and you can have a romantic and relaxing beach holiday.

UK-Scotland: with its gorgeous landscape of forestry, hills, and lakes, and buildings of castles, old manor houses, and large townhouses Scotland is an excellent and romantic honeymoon destination. Moreover, it is the more affordable honeymoon destination for those of us who can’t afford to fly out of the Maldives.

Caribbean Destinations:

Antigua: Antigua boasts white sands and crystal clear waters, with a gorgeous reef sporting an abundance of tropical marine life and even shipwrecks to explore, it is no wonder Antigua is a popular honeymoon destination. If you enjoy sailing, consider a sailing honeymoon in Antigua, during the annual sailing week, alternatively make use of one of the high quality, luxury hotels this island has to offer. Mexico: for a combination of a relaxing beach honeymoon an a more cultural and historical honeymoon consider going to Mexico.

The white sandy beaches and clear blue waters are everything you need from a beach holiday, making it a perfectly relaxing honeymoon. Then for the days, you feel like enjoying Mexico, you can visit and explore the Mayan ruins and colonial cities, this includes seeing Chichen Itza, or do activities such as water sports and swimming with dolphins.

Indian Ocean Destinations:

Maldives: This is perhaps the most common of honeymoon destinations, the Maldives is the personification of romance, luxury, and serenity. The accommodation in the Maldives is like nowhere else in the world, you can stay in an elaborate honeymoon suite or have your own sea villa, complete with a glass bottom which allows you to watch the abundance of marine life. The beaches are sandy and white and the sea is clear blue, everything about your honeymoon in the Maldives will scream luxury and elegance at you.

Mauritius: This is another popular honeymoon destination, it offers much of the elegance and exoticness that the Maldives boasts, but with a little bit more activity, for example in Mauritius, you are able to do things like water sports, golf, and fishing, furthermore it offers a wider variety of culture’s it is influenced by Africa, India, Europe and even has oriental influences. If you enjoy relaxing, the beaches in Mauritius are white and sandy and if you don’t just want to sit on a beach, you will be able to find plenty of spa and treatments available.

Asian Destinations:

Thailand: Thailand has such a variety and it is such a large place that you can have literally any type of honeymoon that you like. Thailand has some of the best beaches in the world, like Lamai Beach, Kata Beach, and Hua Hin Beach to name a few. The beaches are golden and sandy and with stunning landscapes that it makes an ideal relaxing beach honeymoon destination, the Hua Hin hotels and resorts are cultural and traditional, they are well run with a good sense of hospitality, which gives you a peace of mind that your honeymoon won’t be ruined by unhelpful staff or a badly run hotel. Another benefit of Thailand is that it is relatively cheap to eat, drink and shop, so you won’t need much spending money while you’re there.

Cambodia: another honeymoon destination that has it all, sandy beaches, crystal clear water, dense forests, ancient temples, and an abundance of history and culture.