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How to Manage Mental Health When Living in New York City



How to manage mental health when living in new york city

It feels like it’s always about being on the move in the technically savvy age we live in. This rings especially true in the hustle and bustle of major cities such as New York City. It is easy to get caught up in the competition to be ahead, whether it be in work or life in general. This can cause an increase in mental health issues — especially generalized anxiety. You can do a few things to help you stay centered and on top of your mental health when residing in New York.

Look into local therapy options

Going to therapy is more common than you probably think, especially in a city full of people doing things 24/7. It is important to have a professional support system that keeps you in check with your mental health. Something that people often don’t consider when they are feeling stressed is therapy. It should be the first thing to come to mind because the Therapy Group of NYC would love to help you do well in life and achieve your relationship, career, and life  goals.

Generalized anxiety is something that can be felt daily by many New Yorkers, but not addressed. Checking in with yourself by speaking to a professional therapist is the best way to learn practices to alleviate anxiety. It could be as simple as figuring out new breathing habits to practice while on your commute to work. Regardless of your stress and struggles, therapy can teach you new ways to get to know and combat your mental health complications.

Find some nearby nature

Getting wrapped up in the big city life is so easy. Often, city dwellers forget what it feels like to be in a peaceful nature area. Central Park just doesn’t quite cut it. There are still too many people and too much activity happening. Take the subway to Rockaway Beach on a rainy day, and it is bound to be pretty empty. The waves and the sound of birds will help you feel calm and more in touch with nature. Another place to go for a rural getaway is in upstate New York. Rent a cabin and spend a weekend drinking coffee and going on nature walks. A quick break from the city can do wonders for your mental health. It’s like pressing the reset button on your mind.

City activities are fun and many things in New York City are relaxing, but nothing beats being alone with nature!

After the workday, put away the electronics

It sounds impossible, but you will thank yourself after making it a habit. When working a high-stress job or a competitive job, it is incredibly difficult to put down the phone or laptop after a long day in the office. To some New Yorkers, this is unheard of. In fact, it can be extremely beneficial for your mental health to put everything down after the work day is over. When coming back to work tomorrow, you will have a clear mind and be prepared to work better. Checking your phone too much and worrying is a way to make you burn out at work and pressure yourself into a mental health decline.

You are much better off saving the work for tomorrow and focusing on your family or yourself in the evenings. If something is pressing and you have to work at night, give yourself some extra alone time in the morning to decompress. Putting the electronics away might seem impossible, but taking time to disconnect will do wonders for your focus and ability to maintain a healthy balance.

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