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7 Benefits of Effervescent Multivitamins



Tired of your boring multivitamin tablets? Throw them out and add some fizz. Now you can pour daily supplements out of a packet and into a glass of water for a delicious regular fizz. But the benefits of effervescent vitamins go beyond fizz. Here are seven benefits you’ll get right now.

100% Absorption

The effectiveness of your vitamins is only as good as its absorption. Many synthetic vitamins are only about 50-70% bio-available, and that means that they’re only half as effective. With effervescent vitamins, you get what you pay for, 100% bio-available, therefore 100% absorption. Every last ounce of vitamins and minerals in the powder is immediately digested and put to use.

Carbon Dioxide To Enhance Absorption

The effervescence in multivitamins is caused by the presence of carbon dioxide in the compound. The carbon dioxide does a lot more than produce effervescence, though. It also enhances the permeability of the nutrients making sure that they are easily absorbed in the intestines.

Creates a Buffered Solution

Nutrient absorption is enhanced when there is the right pH balance in the stomach. Effervescent vitamin powder, form a buffered solution when poured into a glass of water. This solution sets the stomach pH to the optimum level so that the vitamins are easily absorbed.

Reliable Dosage

The dosage in effervescent vitamins is more stable than a tablet and liquid forms. This guarantees that you’ll get the same safe dosage every time you drink a glass. It is easier to ensure that the ingredients are evenly distributed in powder than it is for tablet and liquid vitamins. This is why the dosage is a powdered vitamin that is more reliable.

More Active Nutrients

In addition to the active ingredients, tablets are packed with fillers and other compounds. This means that there are fewer active ingredients in a single unit. Effervescent vitamins are quite the opposite. Manufacturers can pack more active ingredients in the packet since there is no need to add fillers and other compounds. In the end, you benefit because you’ll have a more significant amount of vitamins and minerals for absorption.

Easy To Swallow

Some people have a lot of difficulties in swallowing tablets. Effervescent vitamins provide a welcome solution to this problem. The powder can be easily mixed in the same amount of water that will be required to swallow a tablet. Then it’s easy to ingest the vitamins in one delicious gulp.

Gentle Action

Many people were surprised by this unexpected benefit of taking supplements in this form.  Effervescent vitamins not only benefit your digestive system, but alcoholism is also known to cause vitamin deficiency, and now alcohol rehab centers have taken the initiative to provide the proper vitamin supplements to aid those who need the help.

The importance of taking vitamins cannot be overstated. If you recognize the importance of supplementing your diet to get your daily nutritional requirements, you might want to consider effervescent tablets to give your body what it needs most.