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Detox Dieting: Which Diet Suits You Best?



Today, trends of countless fad diets rampage through social media. Numerous books, blog sites, magazines, and even TV shows, talk, and discuss the most popular fad diets. And most of these fad diets are also crash diets, the ones that make you lose weight crazily. But a number of these diets are also pretty healthy, useful, and effective.

Most of the time, people get the impression that a reducing diet is also similar to detox dieting. Most often than not, and contrary to popular belief, that belief is wrong. A reducing diet doesn’t always mean that it detoxifies your body too.

That’s why health promoters make it a point to separate detox diets from all the others. In this case, a detox diet leans more on ridding your body of toxins than shedding it on some extra pounds. Here are some of the commonly used detox diets:

  • Beauty Detox Solution. Generally, this diet detoxifies the body with the goal of enhancing and optimizing beauty. This is a long-term and regular diet that makes the body glow with health.
  • The Clean Diet. This 21-day program of detoxing is perfect for those who run a busy way of life. Perfect for businessmen, doctors, and full-time workers. Filled with detox facts, this diet is a short but comprehensive course plan.
  • Clean, Green, and Lean. In some cases, toxins could also be the cause why some people just can’t seem to lose weight even though how hard they work on it. Through this 4-2eek plan, toxins are removed, and the results are excellent for battling fatigue. This diet also energizes the body and helps fight chronic health complications.
  • Detox for Women. Specially made and designed for women, this diet is perfectly made to fit a woman’s lifestyle.
  • Detox Strategy. A comprehensive, detailed, and informative outline of information regarding toxins, this diet makes use of principles that are scientifically proven in the field of detoxifying the body.
  • Master Cleanse Diet. Also popularly known as the lemonade diet, this short-term detox plan is by far the most widely known and has the highest media exposure.
  • Fat Flush Diet. This 3-phase detox diet plan, which detoxifies and at the same time reduces weight, is an effective way for those whose goal is to shed some extra pounds.
  • Swiss Secret. The secret of a perfect diet lies in its maximum effect. This diet does not only detoxify, but is also an effective weight-loss diet, and a plan to help battle chronic health problems.
  • Diuretic Diet. Widely used for people with conditions that involve hypertension and kidney problems, a diuretic diet is an excellent detoxifying diet that makes use of the body’s natural diuretics, ridding the body of fluid retention and flushing away toxins.

The above-mentioned diet plans are just a few of the many detoxifying diets available in the market today. It is important to carefully choose which one suits your lifestyle best, especially when you want to make detoxifying a part of your daily lifestyle.