Mix Up Your Training Routine For Excellent Results

If you have hit a fitness plateau and can’t seem to get off it, maybe it’s time to take a look at your exercise routine and see what needs changing to kick it up a notch. When we do the same things day after day, our muscles get used to the movements and demands on our bodies that those routines require.

Our metabolism adjusts to provide the energy we need to do the things we ask of it over and over again. We can become stuck in a routine and find ourselves not advancing in fitness and weight loss goals if we don’t change things up once in a while to introduce new demands on our energy, new moves to challenge our muscles, our balance and the way we move.

Challenge Muscle Memory

When we repeat the same activities day after day, our bodies develop muscle memory and can perform the actions almost on auto pilot. It doesn’t require a lot of mental input or physical challenge. That is the reason that top athletes practice doing the things that they need to do best over and over again, so they can do it without even thinking. That’s good for developing an excellent golf swing or learning to pitch a baseball, but for overall fitness, it does very little.

There has to be variety in what you do to challenge your body to perform better as a whole unit. When you try different exercise routines on a day to day or even week to week basis, you will find that you burn more calories and develop better muscle tone. Alternating running with weight training is good but alternating running, pilates then step aerobics and interval training for instance is much better.

Try New Equipment And Gear

It’s very useful to try out new equipment that you may never have used before to freshen up your training program once in a while. There are many different things that have come out on the market in the fitness industry as new workouts that promise amazing results. While you do not have to believe every claim that any piece of gear will turn you into a swimsuit model, you will benefit from challenging your body to learn new things and demand more of it physically in the process.

Even if you incorporate a new piece of gear into an old workout routine, you are doing something different that has the potential to change the way you move and react, which in the long run will get you into better shape.

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