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Mobility Scooters – The Essential Buying Guide



The purchase of a mobility scooter can have a profound effect on the recipient. This essential mobility aid is not just a convenient and easy way to get around; it is something that can completely transform the lives of people with mobility issues.

Whether a person is suffering from a medical condition or simply dealing with the inevitable aging process, these essential vehicles signify the return of a person’s independence and dignity. Recent developments have given consumers a huge selection of scooters to choose from, and selecting the correct one can be a daunting process. However, there are a few essential factors to consider before making such an important purchasing decision.

Indoors or Outdoors?

Scooters which are intended for use in the home, garden, and shopping centers will need to be capable of making tight turns, and they should be as small as issues comfort allow. As long as the scooter is intended for use on smooth ground, a model with inflated tires will provide a smoother and more comfortable ride. However, scooters intended for use in a multitude of outdoor terrains should have solid tires in order to prevent punctures. It may also be necessary to buy a model with an in-built suspension.

There are some excellent combination models on the market that can adapt to almost any scenario. Scooters that will be transported regularly should be light, and a simple folding system will be essential.

Speed and Range

Scooter-users need to ascertain exactly what their new vehicle will be used for. Regular long-distance journeys and those that will require climbing steep inclines will require a powerful scooter – perhaps with gears. Care should also be taken to ensure that a model with a large battery capacity is chosen. However, a scooter required for short trips to the local shops or to meet locally-based friends will not need high top-speeds or a substantial battery, so less expensive models may suffice.

Night-Time Use

Although they will often be more expensive, scooters bought for night-time use will need front and rear lights, as well as indicators. Some users may find the thought of traveling at night a little daunting, but local council services often offer training sessions; people should contact their local council to find out more.

Comfort and Convenience

The disabled and the elderly will probably spend a lot of their lives on mobility scooters, so it is essential that the experience is a comfortable one. Options designed to provide a more pleasant ride include adjustable arm-rests, variable reclining positions, swivel seats, and electronic control panels.

Other Factors to Consider

Despite the recent reductions in the price of mobility aids, a mobility scooter represents a major investment for most people. Consumers should check that the model they buy comes with a lengthy warranty period – a minimum of five years should be sought. It is also essential that owners send their scooters for an annual service, as people do with their cars. The most reputable dealers and manufacturers will allow consumers to ‘test-drive’ scooters before they buy, so they can be completely sure that it is suitable for their individual needs.

Mobile scooters are giving people back their dignity and independence. Although the most advanced models can constitute a huge financial investment for some people, it is difficult to put a price on freedom and the ability to live a full life.