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Good Traits to Look for in a Doctor



There are many news stories containing accounts of patients suing their doctor for medical malpractice and of doctors who appear to care more for their bank account than they do for their patients’ welfare. However, before we become disheartened by these media reports, we should keep in mind that there are many good doctors out there and, by looking for certain traits, we have a better chance of choosing a doctor that will care for our health with a diligent attitude.


As you know, the goal of every doctor should be to care for the well being of their patients and so this is our first trait of a good doctor. A caring physician is more than a medical professional that expresses sympathy over a bad cold. Instead, this is the type of doctor who sincerely cares for their patients as individuals with unique challenges and needs. This kind of doctor will stay with you through every step and help you in any way that they can while making sure that your health remains a priority. For example, if you were to be diagnosed with a serious health condition, this type of physician would be emotional support for you through your treatment.


With the emergence of so many new diseases and medical conditions today, doctors must be able to stay informed and this is the second trait that we should look for in our doctor. While it may be difficult for a primary care doctor to stay up to date with every disease, they will make the attempt to find out these things when their patients exhibit strange symptoms that they cannot explain.

For a specialist, it is imperative that they familiarize themselves with all of the latest developments in medical science as relates to their field. This gives them, and you as the patient, an advantage over those doctors who rely on outdated information.


Experience plays a large role in producing a good doctor in that it allows the doctor to apply what he/she has learned in an educational environment and apply it in real life. As we know, it can be very different practicing skills in a controlled environment where there is a minimal risk of the unexpected happening. However, after a doctor has had the opportunity to work with patients from all backgrounds and with different health issues, they begin to use their intuition as well as their training to care for their patients. This quality makes a good doctor a great doctor and improves the quality of care that his/her patients receive.


There are many ways in which doctors can serve their patients and so we must not forget to search for a doctor that is proactive. This kind of doctor thinks ahead for their patients. An example of this would be if you, or I, were at risk for diabetes due to our age, weight, and other factors. A proactive doctor would already be aware of the risks and be looking for ways to help us decrease the chance of diabetes developing.

For specialists that have this trait, they look at scenarios for our health condition and then try to anticipate and treat us in a way that prevents that scenario from occurring. These doctors have our best interests at heart and go out of their way to help us stay healthy.


Let’s be honest. Today, we have access to more information than ever before, thanks to the wide-spread influence of the internet. This means that we are able to be more aware of our personal health. Sometimes a doctor is threatened by our knowledge and this can turn into a battle of wills and even a lawsuit if the doctor is found at fault of misdiagnosing a health issue. Some doctors may even refuse to listen to us when we know that something is not right.

Good doctors understand this and will listen to us when we tell them that something is wrong or ask them to check our blood pressure because we are having symptoms that indicate a high blood pressure issue. These doctors recognize that we are in tune with our bodies and take us seriously when we voice concerns. They follow the information that we provide to them and, thus, allay our alarm.


As you can see, a good doctor in today’s world of information should display traits such as the ones discussed above. In this way, we can find a doctor who will be a partner with us instead of one who fails to meet up to our expectations.