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The Health Issues Of Professional Drivers



The career life of a professional driver, and especially over the road truck drivers, have very unique circumstances that permeate the daily life of those in that field. The job is one that allows for travel and a somewhat flexible schedule based on the firm one works for; however, it can be a challenging job to have as many health issues are common among truckers.

This is largely due to the fact that professional drivers spend long hours on the road driving, sit and even sleep in their trucks and simply do not have the routine and standard lifestyle and work hours that are conducive to good health. This is why many truck drivers experience various medical and health-related concerns throughout their career and even long after they hang up their keys.

Nutritional Issues

Nutrition is a key issue for those traveling on and over the road. This is because professional drivers are typically under tight deadlines and with having to take travel delays, accidents along the way, and other transportation issues into consideration the option of eating healthy meals all the time are just not present.

This means many professional drivers eat unhealthy, processed, or fast foods more often than they should. Those who really have to push through on a tight schedule may find that they eat greasily, fried, and fatty foods too often which is bad for their health and well being.

Lack of Movement, Stress, and Sleep Issues

Sleep, or the lack of, is a major factor that impacts the health of professional drivers. This can also then lead to extra stress which is tacked on to the stress the job naturally has based on the schedule and length of travel time for some routes and jobs.

Truckers who find that they need to take breaks to catch a nap can easily succumb to sleep deprivation in a very short period of time. The combination of sleep issues and stress can both be detrimental to the mental and physical well being of those drivers who travel long distances and overnight routes.

Possible Health Problems

The effects that many professional drivers eventually see as a result of their chosen career are those that are directly impacted, brought on, or made worse due to those poor nutritional options and lack of sleep. The added stress of the job further compounds the issue and this is why many truckers and drivers experience medical issues such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and arthritis.

Though many of these issues cannot be completely avoided based on the profession and how routes are operated; a professional driver can try their best to make small changes to stave off some of these issues.

Choosing healthier foods, taking time to sleep for more than just a few hours at a time, practicing stress-reducing techniques, and even taking time walk around when possible can all be part of the ways professionals drivers can help make sure they stay as healthy as possible; even while working in the high-stress world of driving.