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How To Be Healthy In A Restaurant



Have you started the New Year with the resolution that you are going to get fitter and healthier this year? The problem we all face is that we do not know how to eat healthily in a restaurant. We all assume that the food will be high in fat and this mindset will leave you scared of setting foot in an eatery.

Instead of fearing messing up the diet that you are already struggling to stick to, why not help yourself and safeguard yourself against the food industry. Here are five things you need to do when eating out:

Number One – Research It First

There are so many restaurants that have started catering for healthy eaters, so do your research. What you are looking for is a restaurant with food that you would like to eat, that will not ruin your diet and break the budget. Look at the menu’s online and ensure that you have at least three healthy choices that you will be willing to eat.

Number Two – Sit Down Prepared

Be prepared when you get to the restaurant. There are two things you need to do immediately: call for water and skip the bread. First, ask your waiter to bring you a large glass of water or a bottle for the table. This will allow you to constantly stay hydrated and ensure that you do not overeat. The second is skipping the bread. The bread and butter is a no-no for any dieter and will only cause you to wake up the next morning with regret.

Number Three – Drink Carefully

Abide by the one for every two rules. This means that you drink one glass of wine or soda for every two glasses of water. This will ensure that you remain hydrated and that you do not blow your diet on the empty calories in wine or Coca-Cola.

Number Four – Order Smart

You may think that ordering a salad is a smart move, however, if it comes drenched in dressing, piled with cheeses, dried fruit, and crotons are loaded with calories and fat. In order to make this salad healthier, order the dressing on the side and skip the crotons entirely. Furthermore, be specific on the way you want your food prepared, avoid deep-fried goods and vegetables cooked in butter or oil.

Number Five – Share Dessert

If you are craving that something sweet after your dinner, remember to treat this as your indulgence for the day. However, just because you are indulging, it does not mean that your cake eats four pieces of cake and a two-liter tub of ice-cream. Remember, just as your grandmother always said, everything in moderation. A great way to achieve this is by sharing a dessert with a friend; it will satisfy your cravings and not blow your diet.

In conclusion, when going out to dinner remember that water is your biggest friend. Water will not only help you avoid sugary drinks but also ensure that you do not overeat. A further benefit is that water can increase your metabolism and thus help you burn off the meal quicker. A study conducted showed that by keeping your body hydrated (drinking between two and three liters a day) will boost your metabolic rate by up to three percent.