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Does the UK Food Industry Have a Role to Play in Tackling Obesity?



The problem of obesity continues to grow in the UK, and these days, an estimated 60% of adults and 31% of children are overweight, with nearly a quarter of all adults officially classed as obese.

Effects on Your Health

These high levels of obesity take its toll on the healthcare system, as being overweight can affect health in many ways, from diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure to arthritis and infertility problems. Around 30,000 people a year die prematurely from obesity-related conditions, a horrifying statistic. High fat and sugar levels, coupled with increasing portion sizes and lack of exercise, are all to blame. Still, with obesity numbers climbing, the food industry is looking for new ways to tackle this alarming problem.

 Food Labelling

Recently many food manufacturers have been looking closely at their products to streamline their ingredients and provide healthier, more nutritional products. But in addition to this, new changes in food labeling, packaging, and marketing are being called for. Pioneering these changes is a popular food retailer, Sainsbury’s. Their recent presentation at the 2012 IGD Convention revealed that Sainsbury’s were in the process of enhancing their current front of pack nutritional labeling format.

Research has proved that the traffic light system of labeling products, using red, amber, and green color coding to demonstrate a product’s nutritional value, are popular with consumers, is that it is easy to use and understand. Impending EU changes to packaging regulations mean this would be the perfect time to put a consistent labeling format across all food products, providing succinct nutritional information, which in turn will make it easier for consumers to choose healthier options and be far more aware of what they are eating.

 Keeping Ahead Within the Food Industry

The food industry, already known as a constantly evolving sector, is ready to support and embrace these impending changes. Food recruitment services understand the kind of growth and change that food industry jobs require, believing that the new regulations will not only support the aim of reducing obesity amongst families but will offer further positions within the food industry. Food manufacturing jobs and opportunities have already absorbed these changes without any problems, and other food jobs will too. The changes in labeling protocol will also bring about a boost for food recruitment areas such as packaging design, marketing, and sales.