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5 Emergency Car Kits for any Situation



Any driver should have a reliable emergency kit for any life situation. You never know what could happen to you on the next corner, that’s why you need to be prepared.

Emergency kits not only contain band-aids and some simple pain killers but also they should have solutions for surviving in extreme conditions. There are a lot of common elements in different emergency kits, but you should not forget that the content of your kit should be suitable for an emergency you’re in. you can also have different kits in your car for different emergencies. Don’t forget to replace expired items in your kit.

Most importantly you need to know how to use the kit and keep the situation under control.

First Aid Kit

Almost everyone has this simple, yet very useful kit. It will help you with your headache or even a paper cut. It contains the following elements:

Disposable gloves
Compression wraps and bandages;
Tampons and wet wipes;
Band-aids and mosquito spray;
Ice and heat packs and much more.

Winter Kit

Winter requires special attention as it is a very dangerous time of the year. Your ordinary emergency kit will not help you in cold temperatures and snowstorms. That’s why you need to have the following tools in your winter kit:

All kinds of blankets;
Ice scraper;
A lot of candles, matches, and lighters;
Tire chains;
Portable heater;
A big snow shovel;

Backpacking Kit

In case you enjoy hiking you would need to have a hiking kit. You would also need this kit for long-distance traveling. Just put the following things in your trunk:

Solar chargers for your phone;
Comfortable boots for hiking;
A tent;
Portable radio and batteries;
Flare gun;

Disaster kit

This kit will be able to guarantee five-day survival for four people. The following elements combined with the basic first-aid kit would help you to survive any extreme situation:
Solar blankets;
Canned and dried food and water;
Tea and coffee;
Water filter;
The plastic bucket that can be used as a toilet;
Emergency radio;
Universal wrench;
Survival guide

Tool Kit

As a driver, you need to know how to take care of your car in case of an emergency. Therefore, you should have a basic tool kit in your trunk and be ready to replace a flat tire.
Spare tires, a tire patch and an air compressor;
Screwdriver and a wrench;
Universal knife;
Rope and a hammer;
Spare phone;
Roadside triangle;
Anti-freeze, oil and wiper fluids;
Fire extinguisher and much more

You can also store lithium batteries, as they would keep a charge for a very long time. You can use batteries at night and solar charges during the day. You need to find a way how to store all this equipment in a handy manner. You also need to adjust the kits in accordance with your area. If you live in a seismic zone you should know what to do in case of an earthquake.