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Why You Need Arizona Exterminators to Pest-Proof Your Home



Arizona Exterminators

For many people, calling Arizona exterminators is often the last resort, but should be the first step to eliminate pests. Undoubtedly, people try to save a few bucks and use store-bought treatments to rid their homes of pests. Oftentimes, this eliminates the adults, but it doesn’t prevent the hidden eggs from hatching days and weeks down the road.

In general, consumers don’t know how to track infestations, what insect eggs may look like, or why in some cases they may need to use “green” certified pesticides to eradicate their problem.

Several Problems with DIY Treatments

Over-the-counter products rarely contain insect growth regulators, which break the life cycle of bugs. OTC products are not a long-term solution and bugs can become resistant to certain products. For instance, many bed bugs have become resistant to common over-the-counter sprays sold in stores. Yet, consumers unwittingly purchase these brands and the chemicals do nothing. There is a big difference in over-the-counter pest sprays and the concentrated sprays Arizona exterminators use; not to mention how the sprays are used. Proper extermination in Phoenix should include several varieties of treatment.

*Perimeter and spot treatment

*Pin spray in cracks, crevices, and baseboards



Exterminators are experienced in using several approaches to eliminating pests, and the most appropriate method is dependent on the type of pest you’re dealing with.

Pest-Proof the Home

Many pests are attracted to humid indoor environments where they can nest and feed easily. Indeed, these areas of the home are the most vulnerable for pest infestations: the kitchen, the bathroom, the laundry room, basement, and crawlspace. Inspect these areas thoroughly for signs of a humidity problem. Check for musty smells, peeling paint, rotted wood, and frosted windows. If any of these signs are spotted, consult with a pest control specialist to make your home less hospitable for pests.

Consider these DIY tips to control pests;

*Ensure your home is well-ventilated and each vent to the outdoors is undamaged and unobstructed.

*Install a vapor barrier in the basement

*To eliminate cold-weather condensation on windows, install storm windows

*Service gutters and downspouts to prevent water from pooling and leaking through the foundation

Kitchen: pay particular attention to food storage areas and places where meals are prepared; bugs also hide in pet food, plumbing fixtures, hidden areas behind appliances, and under cabinets. These are warm dark areas that attract cockroaches, ants, and stored food pests, such as grain beetles and mice.

Houseplants: foliage may harbor houseplant pests such as whiteflies, mealybugs, and spiders; and the soil may harbor pests too. Regularly check your plants and remove damaged leaves, which can become food for pests.

Living area: carpeting, upholstery, and draperies all attract pet-borne pests. Bookshelves, picture frames, and wood furniture can harbor spiders, so thoroughly dusting and cleaning surfaces can prevent many bug problems.

Pest control should go hand-in-hand with safety. Pests and insects can bite and reactions will differ among people. Some individuals never have a reaction, and others develop rashes that can lead to infections. Prevention takes vigilance.

Each pest control solution has a different level of difficulty, and what might first seem like an easy DIY job may require an experienced Arizona exterminator.