7 Ways to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

You may come across some challenges when you are trying to get rid of bed bugs.  These pests are difficult to eradicate because it is hard to see and detect them, and they are able to nest in even the smallest of spaces. Think you can just buy a new mattress? It is doubtful that will solve your problem. Bed bugs tend to just transfer themselves to the new furniture, leaving you out a great amount of money and still dealing with your bed bug infestation.

So how do you get rid of bed bugs? Well, the answer is, you will most likely have to try several different approaches to completely eliminate these bugs from your home. Here are ten techniques you can try, alone or in some combination, to get these pests out of your bedroom and out of your home.

  1. Drying. Wash your sheets, mattress cover, pillow covers, duvet, etc. in hot water. Then, place them in the dryer on low heat for at least 20 minutes. This will kill any bed bugs that have nested within the fibers.
  2. Vacuum. Vacuuming your mattress, around the bed, the floor, and upholstery will help to eliminate a majority of the bed bugs that have made their homes in those places. While this method will not completely remove all of the bed bugs, it is a good head start that will make secondary methods more effective.
  3. Pesticides. In combination with other control measures, pesticides are a very effective way to solve your bed bug problem. Some pesticides that will be most efficient on bed bugs include dichlorvos, pyrethoids, and malathion.
  4. Wrapping. Wrapping your mattress in an air tight method is a good way to eradicate bed bugs. This will starve the bugs of their oxygen and kill them. It is recommended that you still vacuum after to remove any eggs or larvae that are left behind.
  5. Heat. Bed bugs cannot survive in extreme temperatures. While this may be a costly and more difficult method, raising the temperature of the room to above 45 degrees Celsius will completely kill any bed bugs that are left.
  6. Freezing. Freezing is another method to introduce extreme temperatures and suffocate the bed bugs. To do this, you can use a chemical called Cryonite. A spray of this cooling chemical will produce temperatures of less than 78.5 degrees Celsius.
  7. Steam. You can also use a steamer to heat the bed bugs. Use a steamer along fabrics, upholstery, and your mattress, as well as any other place you think bed bugs may be dwelling. Steam is very effective in killing bed bugs, although it is hard to target exactly where the bed bugs are. Additionally, more than one steam treatment will probably be necessary.

One of the most important things you should know about bed bugs is that prevention is always the best solution. There are plenty of great articles online that will teach you how to get rid of bed bugs, which you should definitely read, but you should also read the many article online about how to prevent bed bugs as well. Most people pick up bed bugs when they travel and understanding a few prevention tips, like using luggage encasements, can really go a long way.

If you would like to learn more about how to get rid of bed bugs, and avoid them in the first place, please visit the DoMyOwnPestControl.com Bed Bugs section.

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