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Top 5 Most Popular Cosmetic Surgery Trends



Appearances have never been more important than they are today in our highly superficial society. Everybody wants to look as good as their favorite star, and nonbody wants old father time to catch up with them too soon. Luckily for those who want to remain forever young and beautiful, there are more options than ever before. Plastic surgeons can be found in even small towns and with the rise in their popularity prices have started to become more affordable, meaning that cosmetic surgery is no longer something only for the very rich. Here is a selection of some of the most common practices.

Liposuction: It is one of the most traditional forms of cosmetic surgery and it is still one of the favorites. For those who struggle to lose those extra pounds, this is the simplest way to get looking the way you want to without having to sweat for it. This is a procedure overwhelmingly favored by women and the price tag of over $2,000 a session may well put many off.

Rhinoplasty: For the laymen, this basically means making the nose look a little bit more like you have always wanted it to. Many people feel their nose is not beautiful enough and this is clear in the popularity of this procedure. Recovery generally takes around three weeks and again this is a job preferred by women. This little correction will set you back around $3,500!

Breast Augmentation: A favorite with those who do not feel as though Mother Nature endowed them sufficiently upfront. This procedure is simple and only requires a couple of days recovery time, meaning that before you know it you will be off the surgeon’s table and flaunting your new assets out on the town, or at least on the beach! Prices differ depending on the amount of work needed but the ballpark figure will be around $3,000 again.

Dermabrasion: It may sound like some kind of medieval torture treatment but this procedure is rapidly gaining popularity. A surgeon applies a rapidly rotating tool to the face which literally scrapes away the top layer of skin, taking away with it all of the wrinkles and facial blemishes that were previously on the surface. With a recovery time of around 6 weeks, it may be a while before you can face society again but at under $1,000 you will probably think it was money well spent.

Hair Transplant: While the other procedures are more popular with women this is one that is definitely a favorite with the males. For some men, there is nothing worse than hair loss and they will do anything to prevent it from happening. As the transplants need to be done in stages this procedure can take anywhere up to 18 months to be completed but the feel-good factor that comes along with it is definitely worth the wait for those who go through with it. The physician’s bill of over $4,000 might be a little harder to stomach though!