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Tips on Choosing Baby Names for Boys



When it comes to choosing a name for your little boy, it can turn out that you’re making a pretty difficult decision. This is completely understandable. Your son will be carrying the name you choose with him for the rest of his life. You want it to be unique, but not so unique that he’ll be made fun of at school. You want it to be something everyone likes, but also something that fits him.

Most couples agonize for months over what to name their child after hearing the great news that they’re having a son. However, the process can be easier by far when you understand a few simple things about naming boys. Here are some tips to follow in order to make sure you come up with the perfect name for your son.

Don’t Let Anyone Else Pressure You

When it comes to many families, a new baby can come attached to a lot of pressure to choose a family name. This is certainly the case for a first child with the pressure becoming even higher in some cases with the birth of a son. It’s important to understand that it’s only important that you as the parents approve of the name, so if you don’t personally want to name your son after your grandfather or your spouse’s deceased uncle, you have the right to say “no” when family members turn up the heat. Consider compromising and giving the child the desired family name as a middle name instead.

Stay Away from Overly Trendy Options

A lot of us don’t tend to think of ourselves as being highly influenced by the world around us, but we are. That said, even the most level-headed and independent of us have preferences that are changed or adjusted according to current trends. This is even the case when it comes to naming our babies.

Many currently popular baby names for boys are trendy in nature – for instance, city-inspired names like Austin or monikers pulled right from nature like River. While it’s fine to choose these names, it’s definitely important that you ask yourself whether or not they’re still going to sound cool when your son is a teenager… or an adult man.

Consider Ease of Use

When choosing a name for your son, you might want to consider just how well the name will actually transition into real-life use. Consider whether or not the name you use will help your son fit in within the geographic locale where he’ll be living. Some names are good choices for some regions, but not others.

Some social and cultural experts also recommend giving boys a name that will eventually translate into a short, strong, one-syllable nickname should he decide he wants to use one down the line. For this reason, Jackson might be an appropriate choice for a parent who wants to be somewhat different, as it can easily be shortened to Jack later on when the child is older. Be sure your child’s name will be easy for him (and other people) to spell as well.

Don’t Rush Things

If you and your spouse are having trouble deciding once and for all what to name your little boy, why not simply take your time and let something present itself naturally? Many couples even wind up waiting until after their child is born to see if they actually look and seem more like a John or an Oscar. The more time you give yourself to decide, the more opportunity you allow for the perfect name to materialize in due time on its own. Give it a try for yourself and see if it makes a difference!