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How to Efficiently Encourage your Employees to Live Healthy



It is necessary that you give importance to your employees’ health. No employer would like to hire new employees just because the old ones suffer from ailments. It’s going to affect the production of the whole company. Plus, as their head, you need to consider their overall health. Remember, your employees work to be able to improve your company. The least you could do is to help them stay fit and healthy.

How to do that?

Well, here are some of the easiest ways you can try.

Monitor their health. I know that you have an annual check-up for your employees. But personally, that’s not enough. Monitoring their health doesn’t have to be as hardcore as the annual check-up. It could be a monthly routine where they will check their weight or blood pressure. Also, you can come up with programs where they can talk to a psychologist about their work life. At least with that, they can decrease stress. After all, health is not just about the physical aspect. It’s also about the emotional and intellectual aspect as well.

Stack on healthier foods.  If your company has a vending machine, you might want to exchange the junk foods and candies for healthier options. Dried fruits would be better. Exchange the sodas for soya milk or fruit juices.

Send a regular health-related email. Subscribe to a health newsletter and share it with your employees. By sending such, you are also sending a signal that you are taking health seriously. And since you are the head of the company, chances are, they will follow your example.  

Create a ‘workout’ space. Do you have a lounge in the office? The usual lounge has sofas and tables, right? To encourage your employees to live healthier, you can put gym balls instead of the usual chairs. Buy dumbbells or a stepper. It doesn’t have to be the expensive gym equipment. The point is, you make your office more health-friendly. You can also provide a counter that has a supply of vitamins. Your employees can get it for free.

Don’t expect that your employees will welcome your idea immediately. Give it time to sink in. Just be consistent with your programs and you’d definitely have a healthier group. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. Your employees would be healthier and be more productive, and obviously, that’s good for the entire business.  Isn’t this a good idea?