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5 Workplace Safety Tips



Employees are the life force behind any successful company and keeping them safe should be a company’s top priority, especially in industries where injuries can occur without proper safety equipment. Not only will providing protection like foam earplugs and hard hats keep your company out of trouble with the law and OSHA, but it will ensure that your staff is still around in order to carry out needed tasks. OSHA training is vital to many industries, and here are a few where this should be the number one priority:

  • The steel industry
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Hospitality and health care

Below is a list of five tips to keep your workplace safe through the effective use of Personal Protective Equipment.

1. Safety Boots

Safety boots protect your sensitive feet from debris and sharp objects falling from above, as well as protecting against punctures from below. In the construction and manufacturing industries, safety boots are almost always mandatory. Depending on your country, you can decide what you will need at your workplace by looking at the safety symbols on the outside of the boots.

2. High Visibility Clothing

High visibility clothing is brightly colored and/or marked with reflective material in order to make the wearer visible no matter what the background or lighting. This clothing is often worn by people in the health care industry or by road crews who need to be visible to approaching vehicles.

3. Gloves

There are many different types of gloves but they all serve the same general purpose: to protect your hands from harm. Cotton gloves can keep your hands warm in cold weather, and sturdier leather gloves will protect you from sharp, rough, and jagged objects that you might need to handle in your workplace. Some gloves are specifically made to be heat or chemical resistant or even resistant to vibration in order to protect the user’s wrists from injuries like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

4. Ear Protection

Hearing protection is extremely important for your workers, as exposure to excessively loud or long periods of noise can permanently damage hearing. In industries where there is a lot of debris, the ear canal can also become impacted with dust, dirt, and other foreign bodies, which can lead to infections. Wearing foam earplugs reduces this risk greatly by expanding to fit the ear canal and blocking foreign objects from getting in, as well as muffling loud noises.

5. Hard Hats and Facial Protection

Hard hats are most commonly seen on construction sites and in manufacturing warehouses, where a worker may be injured by falling objects. These hats protect the skull from impact, as well as from bad weather and electric shock. Use facial protection like breathable masks to keep workers from inhaling toxins, and full-face shields, like the ones used in welding, to keep the worker’s eyes and face safe from sparks.