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Injuries Where You Can Sue



If you’ve been injured in a work accident or by a defective product, it can interfere with your ability to continue working or even perform basic household tasks. These injuries can happen to anyone, no matter how careful you are.  How will you continue to pay your household expenses and any new ones prompted by the incident? If the injuries are serious enough to require long-term care, how will you cover those expenses? If you can’t cover these expenses and the individuals or organizations responsible will not cover them, you may want to consider a lawsuit, and consider getting cash for structured settlement contract once you have received your reward. However, the injury should meet at least some of the following criteria.

  • The product, service, or individual involved in your injury can be said to be at least partly responsible. If you were clearly reckless or another product, service, or individual was the cause of your injury besides the one you plan to sue, you may not be successful in your suit.
  • The more the injury affects your life, the greater weight it is given in terms of deciding an award. If you acquired a life-threatening disease or injury due to the incident, that will naturally be given greater weight than a minor injury.
  • You have not signed a release agreeing not to sue the party that is responsible for your injury. While an exception can be made if you signed the release under duress or if you are suing for compensation for an injury not covered by the release, usually, releasing the other party from liability makes it more difficult for you to receive an award.
  • The expenses caused by your injury are not covered by the other party’s insurance or other forms of compensation from the other party. If you received full compensation for expenses caused by the injury from a worker’s compensation claim, you might not receive an award for additional money.

If you were made ill by a tainted food product, injured by a defective tool or toy, hurt on the job because your employer did not maintain equipment properly, or was in a car crash caused by a reckless driver, you may be able to sue and have your immediate expenses covered by cash for structured settlement arrangement. This will enable you to get started on recovery immediately, instead of waiting for monthly payments to cover the large purchases you may need to make to resume normal living. If you’ve been injured and have been awarded a structured settlement, don’t wait to start your life again- get cash and get your life back.