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Surgical Nose Jobs – What Are They?



There are many people who do not actually know what nose jobs are and what they entail, although they can be beneficial to thousands of patients around the world.

Nose jobs are medically referred to as Rhinoplasty; the most common of all plastic surgeries. Dramatic improvements in appearance are obtained from rhinoplasty, although there is always a huge underlying stigma about changing the way people look through surgery.

Short History

Nose jobs have been around for over 2,000 years and are commonly carried out for reconstructive reasons. Modern Rhinoplasty surfaced following World War I, and in the past three decades, the popularity of the procedure has grown dramatically. Nowadays, surgical results are natural in appearance and last for an impressive amount of time.

The first Rhinoplasty carried out for cosmetic reasons was not anywhere near as technologically advanced as it is today; the only procedure outcome was the shrinking of the nose. There was not much bone cartilage removed and the overall structural integrity of the nose was kept intact. Doctors now avoid cutting cartilage and will use special techniques that work together with the actual remodeling process in order to offer you the exact nose shape sought.

Should You Consider A Nose Job?

The most common reasons why people consider nose jobs are for medical reasons as well as cosmetic desires. When referring strictly to medical reasons like having a deviated septum, the procedure is highly recommended, and it might even be covered by your health insurance. Rhinoplasty that is carried out due to medical reasons is very important; you need to get it done as soon as possible. The doctor will recommend when it is necessary.

A real debate is when nose jobs are carried out purely for aesthetic reasons; some people believe that facial appearance should only be modified when it is medically necessary, not when it is done to improve how you look. From a psychological point of view, the procedure is important because a nose that looks different to people’s expectations can have an impact on self-confidence levels. By making aesthetic modifications to your nose when problems exist, you will look better and ultimately feel better at the same time, which is what counts. Rhinoplasty in Birmingham, London, Wales, and throughout the rest of the UK is extremely popular; a common procedure to opt for which has brought confidence to many people.