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3 Important Dental Procedures You Will Have to Go Through



3 important dental procedures you will have to go through

Your teeth are one of your most important assets, so it’s important to take care of your pearly whites all the time. Still, even if we are told to floss or brush daily, there will still be situations where we have to go through a dental procedure.

Going to the dentist is scary enough. One thing’s for sure though, you need to undergo certain dental treatments to prevent long-term damage to your teeth. Like it or not, you will have to bear the idea of having an impacted tooth extracted or being given implants.

After all, these procedures are not done solely for aesthetic purposes. They can also help you achieve perfect oral health. Let’s take a look at some of the most essential procedures:


Wisdom teeth are by and far the most annoying of all oral health issues. What’s even more frustrating than this is that we can’t seem to prevent them from growing. But when they do erupt partially, they can cause a great deal of pain if the erupting tooth grinds against another.

Left untreated, impacted teeth can result in intermittent yet severe pain and bleeding. The only way to extract an impacted tooth is through an odontectomy. The procedure involves cutting through the gum line and the jaw bone using various drills. After exposing the whole tooth, the dentist will either cut the tooth into pieces, which are then picked out one by one, or pull the tooth whole, depending on the severity of the impaction.

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Although, it’s one of the costliest dental procedures, the benefits of having an odontectomy are too important to overlook.

Mouth rehabilitation

Prosthodontics is the practice of preparing dental prosthetics to fill in gaps between teeth. This is usually applied to the elderly in the form of dentures and dental implants.

Mouth rehabilitation serves not only an aesthetic but also a functional purpose, allowing the elderly to chew their food better and feel more confident with a full set of teeth. With revolutionary innovations in prosthodontics, dentists are able to accurately recreate teeth that fit properly in the mouth of their patients.

Moreover, services catering to prosthodontics are becoming widespread. There are already clinics that offer complete same day denture repair services.

Root canal

People would assume that a tooth that already succumbed to a cavity is already impossible to restore. However, there is still one dental procedure that does the trick in saving a tooth.

A root canal treatment is a popular option for patients who don’t want a cavity extracted. Basically, the dentist would hollow out the affected tooth to rid it of any signs of caries or bacteria. The inside of the tooth is then irrigated and drained to clear out the debris and the remaining infection. The dentist will then fill the interior with a rubbery material called gutta percha. The tooth is then sealed and the exterior is shaped to look natural.

For one, a root canal has several advantages over extraction. The main reason is that it allows you to maintain a complete set of teeth.

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