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Quick Fix Tips to Get Trim in No Time!



It can be difficult if you’re busy to commit to a work-out plan and even harder to structure a good diet around a busy lifestyle. If you’re serious about making changes, but having a hard time finding the time then here are some quick fixes that can help you shed pounds and achieve real results.

Look Into High-Intensity Workouts

These are the kind of exercise plans designed to burn calories at a high rate by pushing you well out of your comfort zone.

They include running, jumping, stretching, and speed walking to help improve strength and cardiovascular fitness; whilst also helping your body to torch a significant number of calories in a short period of time. Its tough work, but you’ll notice an impressive improvement quicker than you’d expect.

Get Wet!

Swimming is a great way to burn calories and strengthen your cardiovascular system. It’s also a fantastic family activity, so if you’re a parent and pushed for time you can get the kids involved!

In taking up swimming you can tone and firm all areas of your body without putting pressure on your joints, and even speed up your metabolism. Water is 1,000 times denser than air, which makes for a much more rewarding work out than going for a run. To inject a bit of extra fun, try incorporating a water sport and go outdoors! Surfing in particular is an incredible workout for the entire body and helps to build impressive core strength.

Dog Walking

If you don’t have your own pooch, maybe offer to take out a neighbor’s. This offers the opportunity for breaking into a run if you feel comfortable, without the pressure of going it alone which can make a lot of people feel self-conscious.

The added distraction of a furry friend will have it feeling less like exercise and more like fun, which will always make for a more productive workout.

Keep a Diary

Write a journal which keeps track of your daily calorie intake and exercise patterns, and weigh in once a week. You’ll most likely be surprised at the progress you make. If you experience a lack of motivation once in a while that you can’t seem to shift, flicking back through the pages can help get you back on track.

This will also keep some structure and routine to your plan, lessening the temptation to skip meals. A recent study showed that women keeping a food diary lost around six pounds more than those who didn’t. Worth putting pen to paper for! If you’re looking for short term results that last long term, combine regular high impact cardio workouts with a fat blocker to help manage your weight loss.

If you have any tips for losing a few pounds or toning up those problem areas, leave a comment below and let us all know.