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Dance Your Way to Fitness



If If you love to dance and want to get fit, why not try putting the two together in the revolutionary wonder work-out that is booiaka?

It’s fun on the dance floor mixed with intense cardio exercise, a body-sculpting training regime that will firm up the buttocks, tighten the abs and tone up the waist – and burn off a whole heap of calories in the process.

Booiaka – pronounced boo-ya-ka – is a fusion of fitness and dance, a Hollywood craze that has arrived big-time in Britain.

Created by Italian choreographer and dancer Tatiana Tamai, booiaka builds up movement step by step, with hip-hop, Jamaican, Latin and African dance styles all thrown into the mix as the tempo increases.

So Much Fun It Doesn’t Seem Like Exercise

Booiaka – “it’s the way you move” – is said to be so much fun it doesn’t seem like exercise, and feels more like a girls’ night out than any keep fit class.

It’s intense, effective, and energetic, claiming to burn off 700 calories in a single session.

It’s the ultimate freestyle fitness routine set to music, an easy-to-learn work-out that requires no previous dancing skills – or even a sense of rhythm!

Booiaka is based around routine and choreography, which helps to focus the mind and improve memory retention as well as tone up the body, enhance levels of endurance, and increase strength and flexibility.

Moving the Body and Stirring the Spirit

According to the experts, it’s not just about moving your body, it’s about stirring your spirit as well…with a feel-good factor that is guaranteed to help fight depression and boost emotional well-being.

It’s a social occasion too – giving you the chance to get out and meet new people, make new friends, and build up your confidence.

Booiaka creator Tatiana Tamai came up with the concept while out dancing with a group of friends…with the inspirational idea of bringing together the sounds and rhythms she had grown up with from Jamaica, South America, and her native Italy.

The host of popular Italian TV series Dance Superstar when she was just 14, she began dancing at the age of four, became a successful choreographer and actress, and worked on live concerts throughout the world before launching her revolutionary new exercise regime after leaving Italy for Los Angeles in 2007.

Her ambition – to spread the joy of movement and music across the globe – is fast becoming a reality.