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Top 5 New Year’s Resolution Trends



There are certain things that you may have heard about from your doctor and dentist that keep you in the loop of what is considered healthy. Whether it’s brushing your teeth regularly or drinking more water throughout the day, you know what to do to be healthy. What about the other aspects of protecting your body? The things they don’t tell you about?

Here are healthy habits that can help you have the best health.

Accept your body

Health is not about weight and it should not be about what other people look like compared to you. In fact, optimal health does not look like anyone’s specific body type or size.  To gauge your health accept it.  Instead, consider how you are feeling in your own skin. Accepting your body means loving you for who you are.

Don’t worry about a number on a scale

Instead of focusing on a scale number, focus on how you feel. Think about how you feel inside your body. Your body is a vehicle, much like your real car that gets you to places; your body is your vehicle for life. It will take you where you want to go but you have to take care of it. In order to do the most in life, you need to take care of your body and focus on how you feel rather than a specific number.

Avoid foods that make you sick

Avoid foods that make you feel lethargic or give you heartburn or headaches.

Brush your teeth daily because when you brush your teeth you smile more and when you smile you feel good and you attract nice people to you. Plus the more you brush your teeth the less likely you are to overeat and consume foods that make you sick.

Avoid smoking

Smoking is one of the worst things you can do for your overall health including your mouth and not only because it causes cancer to the body but it can cause gum disease and cancer in the gums. It will give you chronicle bad breath which will keep people away.

Did you know that smoking can cause breathing problems as well? Examples include lung disease, yellowed teeth, and uncomfortable social situations. If you are a casual smoker the best thing you can do is give it up before you get older.

Smoking can yellow your teeth and also cause tooth decay smoking is also something that should be avoided if you want to be and feel healthier.

Limit your sugar

Many scientists have suggested that sugar is toxic and it is impossible for your body to digest. Taking this into consideration, you should limit or avoid sugar. It’s best to skip soda pop and candy. The less sugary filled snacks in your diet the better.

People with a sweet tooth can curb the craving by munching on sugar-free gum. This is going to help with your teeth by producing more saliva and possibly preventing tooth decay.

People who consume a large amount of sugar often weigh more and they are at risk for diabetes and gum disease. If you limit your sugar you will feel better.