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Cure Your Sweet Tooth



Do you have a sweet tooth? You may want to consider a healthy alternative to the foods you normally eat. You can still be healthy and enjoy sweet-tasting foods. Here are alternatives to candy, ice cream cake, and cookies.

Yogurt and Fruit – when you get a craving you can kick it to the curb because eating healthy is now easier than ever. You can still tend to your sweet tooth by having a decadent dessert that is actually good for you. Choose greek yogurt as it has a thicker consistency and you can sprinkle some agave syrup, honey, or even some fresh fruit like blueberries on top.

Fruit Smoothie – if you’re craving a milkshake or something very creamy like ice cream, instead of diving into the rich fatty food, trade it up with a fresh fruit smoothie. Blend milk and fruit with ice in a blender. This can have the same creamy consistency as ice cream but it is better for your health. You can even add protein powder, yogurt, or even soymilk. Protein is a great way to keep full and enjoy your food.

Sugar-free Gum – if you want something sweet instead of going to the dessert tray, simply put some gum in your mouth if you’re at work you feel the afternoon sleep come upon you, instead of reaching for Diet Coke or sugar, put some gum into your mouth. The act of chewing will help you feel better and the sugar-free gum will help freshen your mouth.

Sugar-free gum is a great way to prevent cavities because it keeps your mouth salivated more.

Eating healthy can be fun and you can avoid sweet flavored foods by choosing more healthy organic options such as fruits and vegetables. They will hope you feel better when you eat better. You also feel better and you smile more.