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Senior Caregiver Interview Questions



When the services of home healthcare providers are needed, it’s important for patients and their loved ones to understand the many facets of home care. The best way to do this is by asking the proper questions to both companies and potential caregivers. The following questions will help patients and their family members ensure they’re making the right decisions when it comes to hiring home healthcare workers.

1. What are your qualifications?

When it comes to ensuring quality care, making sure potential caregivers and home healthcare agencies are adequately certified is essential. Since laws concerning healthcare certifications vary by state, it’s important for patients and their family members to be aware of their state’s individual requirements. Also, quality agencies will be federally certified, which means their services are covered by Medicare. If an agency is not certified by the federal government, finding out why is recommended.

2. Can you provide references?

Potential caregivers, as well as the agency for which they work, should be able to provide professional references. For example, both the agency and individual caregivers should present written referrals from physicians and previous clients. Personal references should also be made available, as these will further ensure skill, bedside manner, and other desirable characteristics.

3. Are caregivers supervised?

In most cases, home healthcare agencies provide employee supervision. Usually, this means that a supervisor will check in with patients and their family members in order to ensure that proper care is being administered.

4. How are employees selected?

Potential clients should always inquire about an agency’s hiring process. This should include questions regarding screening and background checks, as well as asking whether employees are contracted or hired directly through the agency.

5. Does your agency provide training for employees?

Although most home caregivers have received some kind of education, clients should ask about on-the-job training. This includes continued education and training, which helps ensure that the agency and its employees are abreast of advancements in the field of home healthcare.

6. What is your agency’s employee turnover rate?

Since a high turnover rate could indicate problems within an agency, potential clients should take this into consideration before making a decision.

7. Are your employees equipped to handle our particular circumstances?

The need for home healthcare can arise from many different circumstances; therefore, potential clients should make sure caregivers are able to suit their particular needs. For example, some patients may have mobility issues while others may require special treatments or medications. Clients and their families should make sure that caregivers won’t have any problems administering sufficient care.

An ideal healthcare provider will have the proper credentials as well as the ability to comfort the patient on an emotional level. Often, finding a suitable healthcare worker comes down to personality and first impressions. For example, questions regarding a potential healthcare provider’s personal interests, beliefs, temperament, and hobbies can help promote a healthy relationship between patient and caregiver.

Once a caregiver is hired, clients and their loved ones should monitor the situation to ensure the quality of care. Any questions or concerns should be reported immediately, both to the agency and the caregiver.