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Best Home Remedies with Scientific Merit



No one enjoys a trip to the doctor — why make an appointment for minor ailments and inconveniences when you could stay at home and apply the remedy yourself? Obviously, home remedies are rarely (if ever) good for major illnesses or injuries, but sometimes the trivial health issues we deal with every day can be addressed with these scientifically-proven home remedies.

Headache? Chew on a Pencil

Next time you have a stress headache, instead of reaching for the aspirin, reach for a pencil. Stress causes you to clench your jaw and teeth — a pencil will keep your teeth from clenching and can lead to you relaxing your jaw, easing, or even relieving the headache. Just don’t bite down — that will only make it worse.

Motion Sickness? Lemons (or Olives)

If you get motion sickness, you know all too well nausea that can accompany it. The disorientation creates excess saliva in your mouth, which moves down to the stomach and can make you feel nauseated. The tannins in olives or lemons will dry up the saliva and calm down your system.

Bad Breath? Try Yogurt

For chronic halitosis, yogurt might be a better curative than mouthwash. Bad breath is caused by bacteria, which studies show can be counteracted by the live bacteria in yogurt. A study at the Association for Dental Research in Baltimore discovered that volunteers saw a decrease in bad breath after two weeks.

Hiccups? Try Sugar

There are any number of home remedies and advice for how to cure hiccups — a glass of water, a spoonful of peanut butter, a slap on the back, or a good scare. But doctors say a spoonful of dry sugar actually can solve the problem. The sugar affects the nerves that tell the diaphragm to contract (which causes hiccups).

Warts? Duct Tape Does Everything

If you have warts, covering them up with duct tape might seem ludicrous, but studies show it actually works. The chemicals in the tape help kill off the wart and get it to dissolve. It may take several days of applying tape for it to take effect — just make sure the area is clean first. According to studies, 85% of patients who used this method saw a reduction in their warts.

Achy Feet? Get a Tennis Ball

A tennis ball can be a free “massage” for sore, overworked, or cramped muscles in the foot. Roll the ball firmly underneath your feet and let the muscles relax. Runners often use this technique to “pop” their feet after a run. It doesn’t have to be a tennis ball either — it can be any round object that can be safely stepped on. There are even dedicated massage balls just for this purpose.

Saving money is never worth your health. As with any home remedy, you should always do your research first. Get the facts, watch out for scams or dangerous advice, and always seek proper medical attention for major illnesses and injuries.