Find Love this Christmas with Coloured Contact Lenses

Do you have aspirations to pull a cracker over the festive period this year? Or, at the very least, wake up with a human being in your bed instead of the cat on New Year’s Day? Well with the aid of an image overhaul and some funky coloured contact lenses, grab your coat, baby, because your luck might soon be in!

How Can Coloured Contact Lenses Help Make Me Hot Stuff?

Obviously coloured contact lenses won’t transform you from a shy librarian into a femme fatale overnight, but if you go for the right look, you will almost certainly enjoy some extra male attention. And if you are lucky, some of the extra attention might lead on to something more meaningful than a quick fumble on the dance floor at midnight.  The same applies to blokes. It’s not just the ladies who can seriously benefit from a sexy new image: women love a man with gorgeous come-to-bed eyes, so what better way of attracting the ladies than wowing them with dazzling violet or smoky grey irises?

There Is Nothing Wrong With My Vision!

Whilst there is a lot to be said for being short sighted (imagine how less painful it would be when you can’t see the troll you pulled the night before after a vodka-fuelled binge), having twenty-twenty vision is, on balance, better that needing to wear glasses or contact lenses every waking moment. But even if you are blessed with perfect sight and can spot a grenade at fifty paces, there is no reason why you can’t wear coloured contact lenses as and when it suits your image.

Coloured contact lenses are available as ‘fashion lenses’ for those who just want to change their eye colour temporarily. Unlike prescription contact lenses, fashion contact lenses do nothing to correct near or far sightedness, so if you regularly walk into stationery objects, you will still require prescription contact lenses.

I Already Wear Contact Lenses!

As a lifelong wearer of contact lenses, I share your pain. However, don’t worry if, like me, you were hit with the poor vision gene, because there is no reason why you can’t change your dull blue eyes into cat-like orange ones for a night. Yes, prescription coloured contact lenses are available! Coloured prescription lenses can correct your vision at the same time as enhancing or changing the colour of your iris.

What Different Coloured Lenses Can I Choose From?

Aside from prescription and non-prescription coloured contact lenses there are two main types of lenses to choose from: lenses for enhancing your existing eye colour or opaque lenses that can completely change your existing eye colour. So if you have blue eyes but have dyed your hair red and fancy green tinted irises for the night, choose green tinted lenses. But if you have dark brown eyes and you fancy going out as a blue-eyed girl, you will need to wear non-transparent opaque blue lenses instead.

I Want To Be A Vampire For The Evening…

Ok, we all live our lives differently and even though I don’t fancy your chances of finding true love as a vampire, trying out some unusual contact lenses will certainly get you noticed. Dramatic or costume contact lenses are a popular choice for those who want a completely different image temporarily: black lenses can transform you into a creepy demon for the evening and red lenses are perfect for the Twilight look. And even if you don’t meet Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart on your night out, at the very least your freaky eyes will act as a conversation starter.

Help – I Have No Idea What Colour Contact Lenses To Try!

As a general rule of thumb, the more dramatic the colour change, the more noticeable your new look will be, so if you have blue eyes and pale skin, go for a warm hue of lens such as hazel or brown, and if you have dark skin, try a light blue or violet shade of lens. Darker eyes are harder to mask and therefore opaque lenses are essential, but you don’t need to go for something too radical—if you have chocolate brown eyes, try light brown or hazel contact lenses.

How Do I Look After My Contact Lenses?

Unless you already wear contact lenses, it is important that you are fully aware of how to take care of your new contacts. Contact lenses are very safe, but improper use will put you at risk of developing an eye infection or worse, so you must follow the instructions given to you by your optician or eye care practitioner. However, if you would rather not worry about such things because you feel certain your new look will help you pull this Christmas, try daily disposable lenses instead—you can toss them in the bin before you hop beneath the sheets with your new paramour.

Finding love is not always easy, but changing your eye colour is. So if you fancy transforming yourself into a violet-eyed femme fatale or a sexy blue-eyed love god, get lenses from a reputable contact lenses supplier and sit back and wait for Mr or Ms Right to fall at your feet!

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