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What Should You Avoid When You Wear Contact Lenses?



Compromised eyesight can have a tangible effect on the standard of life that someone gets to experience. When you are able to see the world with a totally clear view it makes everything seem so much better. Trammelled vision can be incredibly frustrating and it is little wonder that people take action to restore the quality of their sight when possible, be it via laser eye surgery, wearing glasses, or indeed contact lenses.

Anyone who has ever worn contact lenses will be fully aware of the process of learning that you have to go through in order to get used to having them in your eyes regularly. It is easy enough to adapt to wearing lenses once you are completely aware of each procedure to go through in terms of preparing them for insertion, cleaning the lenses, and spotting and responding to any problems.

There are some definite dos and don’ts when it comes to contact lens use and these are the main examples of the things you should look to avoid.

Handling with unclean hands

It surely makes perfect sense that if you are going to be placing something over your eye then you must take extra care to ensure that it is kept clean. Whenever you touch your contact lenses it is imperative that you make sure your hands are both clean and dry. A special contact lens solution is required to preserve the lenses so you cannot allow water to come into contact with them. Letting dirt build up on the lenses is understandably detrimental to the health of your eye, as well as the quality of your vision.

Leaving them in while you sleep

On some occasions, it may be almost unavoidable to fall asleep unexpectedly and this is something that most contact lens wearers will have experienced. It can be particularly uncomfortable when you wake up afterward and you may not be able to wear the lenses, either for a short period of time or thereafter.

Swimming underwater

The expert advice tells you that you should remove your lenses whenever you take a shower, although many will say that so long as you keep your eyes free from contact with the water then there should be no problems. However, when you are swimming you have to take caution not to go underwater without the protection of goggles.

Persisting with the same pair for too long

Contact lenses are generally reasonably priced but when you shell out a sum of money for something it is typical to want to get as much use as possible from them. Some lenses do not last quite as long as intended so you may be tempted to counteract this by wearing the next pair for longer than advised but this is not sensible due to the dirt they collect over time. If you ever find that there has been some damage sustained by your lens, perhaps a corner has been torn off, then throw it away as it can cause significant irritation.