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The HCG Diet Issue



For several decades the Dr. ATW Simeons hCG diet has helped tens fo thousands of struggling dieters to lose weight in a fast and effective manner. With the rise of the internet the ability to promote the diet and to discredit the diet is at an all-time high. Of course, this creates a lot of confusion regarding the effectiveness and relative safety of the diet so we are going to try to clear up some of the concerns.

Low-Calorie diets are unhealthy- Most of the detractors stand behind the claim that low-calorie diets are unhealthy and even dangerous. While this might be true, short term use of a low-calorie diet plan has been proven to not only not be dangerous but actually be quite beneficial. In a 1997 study conducted by the Diabetes Centre, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney, NSW, Australia, researchers found that overweight diabetics participating in a short term very low-calorie diet (VLCD) not only lost significant amounts of weight but they improved their diabetes by being able to control their blood sugar. In fact, patients consumed just 425 calories per day for 12 weeks and saw a decrease in waistline, blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels. In addition to the 14 patients studied, 7 were able to come off their insulin. It is important to keep in mind the hCG diet protocol includes 500 calories per day for just a month, with the added advantage of having hCG to help!

I will feel hungry on the hCG diet- HCG works by metabolizing your stored fat for energy therefore dieters taking HCG while participating in the diet can fight off the feelings of hunger. Between the stored fat being used and the 500 calories, dieters have more than enough sustenance while participating in the plan.

HCG is dangerous- HCG has medical uses and is an approved treatment for several conditions such as fertility issues to name one. Pharmaceutical HCG is also a legal “off label” use for weight loss. The FDA has banned the use of HCG drops or homeopathic hCG are both considered fake and research by the FDA has shown little to no actual HCG in these products!

As can be seen, there are several misconceptions about low-calorie diets and the HCG diet in particular. Hopefully, this information is helpful in clearing up some of the misinformation.