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3 Key Factors Towards Weight Loss if your Diet doesn’t Work



The word diet usually means a temporary change in nutrition that reduces calories by eating a little more than a portion of lettuce and yogurt. We can forget the negative associations and put the word into another context: the habit of healthy eating over a long period.

Dietician Carlos Rios discovered that his patients were worried since they cannot restrict their food intake to lose weight. He calls this a “reduction in energy balance” or “calorie restriction.” According to him, such an undertaking is stupid and doomed to failure.

Calories are a critical factor in fat loss, but also our health. That’s why the expert warns that if we enforce a massive calorie restriction for a long time, our metabolism will slow down.  The hypothalamus responsible for weight control will adjust to the low-calorie diet and stop losing weight.

That, in turn, will cause hormone changes, such as a decrease in leptin or an increase in cortisol, which makes weight loss even more difficult. And it’s not just that. The lack of energy and fatigue will turn into a routine and will eliminate any desire for exercise.

The result is abandoning your diet and falling into the vicious circle of the “yo-yo” effect. Frustrated by the lack of progress, you will return to your previous regime, but hungrier and with a much slower metabolism.

Then it will be followed by gaining a few extra pounds. However, Carlos Rios believes that not everything is lost and the problem you can solve by focusing on three things:

#1. Learning how to eat

Nobody wants to eat less, but better. You need to know how what you eat can affect your body, and choosing a more balanced food to get all the nutrients you need is crucial. This process does not start in the kitchen but from the list of purchases. It should have more natural products and less processed foods.

#2. Building an exercise regimen

Exercise is perfect for both physical and mental health. It is also essential to do it correctly. Not all people need the same type of training. For an optimal result, you should adjust the physical activity to your possibilities and desires.

#3. Keeping a positive attitude

Motivation is essential for the start of any project, and even more if it is related to your lifestyle. The environment, as well as reasonable and realistic expectations,  are at the root of every change.

It is not essential to count calories but to know how to choose food according to the need for energy.

It is also necessary to not forget about exercise, which is an integral part of any nutritional plan.