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Finding Affordable Jewelry



Get the Perfect Piece of Jewelry

It is the gift-giving season again; if you have a woman that is special to you in life, you are likely searching for the perfect piece of jewelry to buy her. However, jewelry just keeps going up in price, even in this tough economy! How can you find her an affordable, yet beautiful, piece of jewelry that she is sure to love? Lucky for you, this article outlines three useful tips to help you in this situation. Just keep reading to find out how you can give your special lady the finesse she deserves at a price you can afford.

Check Out Diamond Alternatives

Diamonds and jewelry seem to go hand in hand. However, diamonds can be expensive. Instead of passing on a purchase of a beautiful ring or necklace, consider looking into diamond alternatives. The most popular diamond alternative is cubic zirconia. However, this stone is known for seeming cheap. Finding out that the piece of jewelry you bought is cubic zirconia instead of a diamond can be embarrassing for both you and her. Instead, you may want to consider buying her birthstone jewelry. For instance, if she was born in March, then you may want to consider aquamarine rings in your gift search. Most women love their birthstones. Also, most birthstones are cheaper than diamonds.

Consider the Metal

The metal used in making the jewelry has a large impact on the price of the jewelry. Platinum is known to be one of the most expensive precious metals. Most people buy items made of gold. Gold is a mid-priced precious metal. White gold is more affordable than yellow gold. Silver is still a precious metal, it looks very similar to white gold, and it is many times less expensive than gold. For those on a budget, silver is the best precious metal option for jewelry. One thing to remember is that many women have metal allergies, including ones that may be especially irritated by cheap gold. To avoid allergy issues, you may want to consider purchasing jewelry made of titanium. Titanium is one of the newest trends in jewelry. It is very lightweight, extremely affordable, and biocompatible. This means that almost no one is allergic to titanium.

Remember to Keep Style in Mind

While you may come across great deals on high-quality metals and gemstones, always remember to keep the style in mind. What good is it to buy a 14k yellow gold ring with a flawless diamond just because it is on sale when your loved one dislikes all yellow gold? Even though you are on a budget, it is important to keep your girl’s style and taste in mind. Not all women want the same thing, so try to get a feel for what she likes by noticing the type of jewelry she already wears often and making an effort to buy her something similar. By following the tips listed above, you are sure to find here something that will leave her crying tears of joy at a price that doesn’t leave your wallet crying in pain.