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Quick Tips for Women’s Style



As ladies in the 21st century, we face a dilemma that generations of ladies prior didn’t have to worry about. They usually had the leisure of free time during the day and hours to get ready and often had help in the form of a lady’s maid and nanny. On the other hand, we have to jump into the car with children in tow, work a full eight (ten?) hour day, and then rush off to our dinner party looking as if we’d spent the day at the spa or napping. It’s not easy, but it can be a little less painful with planning. Think black clothing, shoes, easy hairstyles, and fancy colored diamonds!

Here are a few tips for going from geek to glam in just a few minutes:

  • Try to stick with a few basic colors. If you focus on neutrals, you can almost always pull something beautiful together quickly.
  • Wear a suit that has a long skirt to work, with a lace camisole underneath the jacket.
  • Also in the car: an elegant jacket to replace your suit jacket. Silk, satin, fur-trimmed. Whatever dresses up your suit quickly.
  • Devote a full 10-15 minutes to “freshen up”. Applying fresh makeup makes all the difference in looking fresh and looking as if you have been at the office all day. Keep it simple and classy.
  • Bring your heels and leave them in the car. Wear those sensible shoes to work. Walking around in heels all day will exhaust you and it will show!
  • Speaking of shoes. Your shoes should be as high as you can walk in comfortably and no higher. Three to three and a half-inch heels are a great height. Your shoes should be of high quality. Nothing screams “cheap” like shoes.
  • And….handbags. The handbag you carry to work is probably not acceptable for an elegant dinner party. Invest in one good quality, tasteful clutch, or small handbag.
  • Do a Google or Pinterest search for quick and easy stylish hairstyles that can take your hair from the office look to elegance quickly.
  • Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize. If you’ve followed all of the tips above, accessorizing with a few incredible pieces is easy. Nothing speaks chic, sophistication, and class like simple but perfect pearls or exquisite and rare fancy colored diamonds.

It’s not easy to be relaxed and elegant “on the fly”. Keeping it simple will make it much less painful.