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Why Do People “Stack” Supplements, What does it mean? and Why Should I Care?



Why do people “stack” supplements, what does it mean? and why should i care?

All great questions that deserve further review. Let’s begin in the middle with “What Does Stacking Mean”? I will first provide you with the literal “Wiki” definition:

“”Supplements are sold either as single ingredient preparations or in the form of “stacks” – proprietary blends of various supplements marketed as offering synergistic advantages.”-Wikipedia

Fairly simple right? A Supplement can have a single ingredient, like calcium for example, or the Supplement may be a mixture of “Stack” of few to many different ingredients that comprise or make up the total stuff that’s put into the pill or capsule. Now that you understand what a Stack or Stacking Supplements is, you could probably jump ahead of me and answer the question “Why People Stack Supplements” without me.

Exactly, people combine or stack supplements so they can create a synergistic bond between the multitude of products or ingredients in the hopes of achieving greater overall results in a shorter period of time. So If you wanted to lose fat fast, you would want to look into a thermogenic product (one that raises your metabolism), another product that blocks carbohydrates from being absorbed in your body, another one that promotes lean muscle building, and yet another one that helps rebuild that newly created muscle. As a side caution, read all the labels and ingredients, especially in thermogenic products. There have been a number of serious side effects especially prevalent in the thermogenic products. They often have high doses of caffeine and feeling jittery could be a side effect you notice.

For a good look at what your first supplement might look like using this link, YOUR FIRST SUPPLEMENT STACK – Muscle and Fitness. It will take you to a Muscle and Fitness article on just the subject.

Almost done, on the home stretch now and the most important part of any article. WIIFM…..What’s In It For Me!! Here’s why you should care, ill give you a few different reasons from a few different viewpoints.

First, you are on here reading, getting some knowledge, so I am assuming getting in better shape than you are now or the best shape you can be is important to you, right? Ok, well the use of supplements along with a balanced diet and exercise routine will get you there faster! Most importantly, “Stacking” those supplements will get you there in blinding speed.

The second reason, you are a weight lifting novice and get caught up in one of those late-night Infomercials promising Six packs in 6 minutes or “Bench press over 500lbs by Christmas” and it’s December 1st and you are struggling with just the bar (45lbs mind you, keep up the good work, next week we can add the holder grips for extra weight)…The ad goes on to show testimonials and it seems wicked convincing. All you have to do is take these tiny 60 pills before every meal and the magic takes care of the rest.

I think you can see we are on a bit of an extreme here, but what you should be asking is “WTF” is in that pill…Exactly! You should care to the extent that the pill you purchase you will soon be ingesting, and it should be important what you put into your body. Supplements are not classified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) so it is very important to do your own homework and research before “hitting the bottle”. Look for products made here in the US as well as products that have had their manufacturing facility regularly checked. Lastly, look for a GMP stamp on the bottle which ensures the quality as well.

Last reason to care about “Stacking Supplements”, in a gym club chat it’s never a bad idea to actually know what you are talking about; you’ll be surprised at how few do.