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Top 5 Health Question Websites of 2012



There is a tremendous amount of health information on the Internet. However, when you want reliable information and to find answers to health questions you have, not all health websites are created equal. The following sites are the most popular health websites for good reason. They provide accurate health information from reliable healthcare providers.

This list is based on popularity, as determined in part by eBiz MBA, which ranks websites according to the amount of global traffic they receive. It’s also partially determined by Compete and Quantcast’s U.S. Traffic Rank.

#5: The Mayo Clinic’s Website

The Mayo Clinic is a hospital located in Rochester, Minnesota, which is run as a not-for-profit organization for practicing medicine and conducting research. This hospital has gained wide recognition for its ability and specialization in tertiary care (treating difficult cases). The main page for the Mayo Clinic offers visitors a search bar as well as a drop-down menu where they can search for health information under several different categories. The site provides the ability to search alphabetically through diseases and conditions, drugs and supplements, or tests and procedures. It also allows visitors to learn about symptoms and healthy living topics. In addition, the site features a blog written by medical experts as well as a link to the Mayo Clinic’s store.

#4: Medicine Net

Medicine Net is a medical information website that features information produced by doctors as well as recent health news and community forums. The site features many ways that visitors may search for information. It provides quick links to popular topics like ADHD, skin problems, and birth control. MedicineNet gives users the ability to click on one of several health-related videos for more information about a particular condition or how to treat them. In addition, the site has a variety of news links on the main page, making it easy for visitors to find out the latest health information. Like most websites, it also allows users to search for particular topics via a search bar at the top of the page.

#3: WebMD

WebMD is one of the most popular, well-known, and longest-running medical question websites on the internet. Its site offers visitors a logical and well-organized layout, making it easy to find health information quickly. A search bar at the top allows users to search by keywords and keyphrases, while an alphabetical list of conditions on the left lets users find information about specific diseases and health problems. The site also features five tabs for users to find information on popular topics, including an alphabetical listing of health topics, a listing of drugs and supplements, information about healthy living, family and pregnancy health information, and news stories and expert information.

#4: The National Institutes of Health’s Website

The National Institutes of Health exists as an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. As its main function, this agency conducts biomedical and other health research. Its website provides more academic content than the other websites on this list, and it offers users information related to research, statistics, and illness prevention. It features a search bar as well as several links to health topics and news stories. The site also allows users to find out about clinical trials they may be able to participate in as well as a blog is written by the director of the NIH.

#5: Yahoo! Health

This site is a limb of the main Yahoo! search engine. It offers a search bar as well as tabs for visitors to search the site easily for information, including an alphabetical listing of health topics, information about healthy living, a listing of popular symptoms, and information about drugs and treatments. Two additional tabs let users find a doctor in their area or search the site’s health and medical video database.