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Clash of the Dating Titans: How Do You Cope When You’re Both Strong Personalities?



Picture this.

You get a call from one of your friends. She tells you that the gang is planning a weekend at the beach.

Woohoo, road trip! Sure, I’ll go.

You ask if you can bring the boyfriend along, and she gives the go signal. You call him up and he says he’s not interested. His friends are also planning something on that same weekend. He asks you if you want to go with them, but you refuse. You butt heads for a while, but that’s that. He says there’s no point in arguing.

Bummer. You just want to wring his neck. Why can’t he go with you and your friends instead?

The problem with two strong personalities is that you both want things your way all the time. You’re set in your ways and it’s sometimes difficult to change your mind about something.

What to do?


There’s a reason why they say that compromise is the key to any successful relationship. Compromising shows that you consider the other person’s feelings important and that you care. It also helps you both grow in the relationship.

So the next time your boyfriend asks you to watch a football game, go ahead and indulge him even if you don’t want to. If anything, it’ll make it easier for you to convince him to take you to see to that cool little restaurant you’ve been meaning to check out.

Agree to disagree.

You can’t always win an argument. Accept that now.

Neither will the both of you always agree on the same thing. You’re two different people that come from two different backgrounds. You come into the relationship bringing in your own interests and own beliefs—likewise with him.

There’s no point in trying to convince the other person that you’re right, and he’s wrong. If he thinks that his driving style is exceptional and you don’t, just agree to disagree. Don’t let the petty things ruin your relationship.

Keep an open mind.

It’s really hard when both of you are set in your ways. If your guy wants to involve you in his hobby, go ahead and at least try it. Consider this as his way of trying to include you in his life. You never know, you might even enjoy it!

Learn to let things go

ou can’t always get your own way. That’s selfish and unfair. If you can’t talk things out, just learn to let them go. Choose your battles carefully and pursue only those that you think are very important. If they’re petty, don’t even bother. It’s simply a waste of time.

So what to do the next time you and your guy don’t see eye to eye? Try and talk it through first. If you can’t change each other’s minds, agree to disagree, let it go, and focus on the things you do agree on. After all, there’s a reason why you got together in the first place!