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4 Free Online Ovulation Calendars



If you are planning to have kids, you likely know that your most opportune time for pregnancy is during ovulation. However, it can be hard to predict exactly when your most fertile time of the month will be, which is what makes having access to an ovulation calendar so important. We have found four ovulation calendars that are easy to use, yet they still give detailed information.

Ovulation Calendar

This ovulation calendar allows you to input several pieces of data, which will allow it to give you a very accurate set of days within the month that you are the most fertile. It asks you when your last menstrual cycle was, the length of your cycle, luteal phase length, the gender you wish to conceive, and predicted dates. You can even choose to go out as far as one year.

Your Days

This calendar works similarly to the self-titled ovulation calendar, but it has a slightly different layout. In addition, this calendar also clearly labels days where you will have little to no chance of becoming pregnant, which can save you from a lot of emotional distress if you are not becoming pregnant simply because your attempts are on a wrong day. Additionally, the site, in general, has a lot of really good information and tips on planning your pregnancy.

My Monthly Cycles

You will find that this is another great ovulation calendar as it allows you to enter very specific information and receive detailed answers. The calendar also allows you to make updates, and you can even store other information on it, which you might want to have handy for future exams by your physician. It also allows you to view your ovulation calendar for any amount of time ranging from three months to one year.

Ovulation Calculator: Best Days to Get Pregnant

This is by far the simplest of the four ovulation calendars, yet it actually provides very detailed results. The other three calendars show you an actual calendar and use various markings and highlights to show what days of the month you are the most and least fertile. This one, however, substitutes the calendar layout for something that looks more like a syllabus that tells you what to expect during each day of the cycle length you have chosen. Aside from just telling you when you have the best chance of becoming pregnant, it also tells you when you can expect readings from a pregnancy test to start showing up.

While no calendar, or even the most highly-skilled physician, can guarantee when you are the most fertile, these calendars will give you a very close estimate. All you need to decide is which layout you prefer and how accurate a result you want.