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Fit For Purpose – Why Now Is The Time To Look For Opportunities In Healthcare



The Healthcare market is always one that has been lucrative for private sector organizations.  Pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, and private Healthcare providers have always had a place in the UK Healthcare sector.

With changes to the way that the NHS is organized in England, a whole raft of new opportunities is opening up for motivated private sector organizations to exploit gaps in the public sector Healthcare provision.

New healthcare, new opportunities

New UK government legislation has changed the way the NHS in England is regulated.  Changes to the way that services are planned and purchased means of NHS suppliers and private sector suppliers and providers need to understand the new organizational landscape.

With GPs more influential than ever in the way for it NHS Services are planned, getting access to them to find out what they want and need from private sector healthcare providers and suppliers is vitally important to understand your market and the way in which your organization fits.

The new legislation also makes it much easier for private sector organizations to take on services or even whole hospitals that were previously the sole preserve of public sector provision.  Perceived inefficiencies and failures of the public sector to manage NHS Services within the financial constraints placed upon them has led to further deregulation and government inviting private sector providers to bid for rights to run individual services, clinics, or whole hospitals upon the award of a medium- to a long-term contract.

As ever, the medical research and Healthcare developments are fast-moving and are opening up new opportunities for medications, Medical Devices, and equipment all the time.  As people live longer and medicine is able to do more to preserve and prolong life, the development of assistive technologies or that enable people to live independent, full lives is booming.  The changing size and shape of people seeking NHS treatment have also led to the development of a whole market in so-called bariatric equipment, providing hospital beds and trollies that can take patients who are bigger and heavier than average and Manual handling equipment such as hoists that ensure staff is able to move such patients without injuring themselves.

Gap analysis

As with all business opportunities, analyzing the market to find out whether gaps are is a perfect place to start.  Getting in contact with existing Healthcare providers such as the NHS, working with public health date or on the prevalence of illness and demographic information and monitoring industry press such as the BMJ and Health Service Journal can help to build a picture of what is needed.

Once you have a broad picture of the gaps in the market, further detailed research will help you get to the bottom of where your products and services can fit or when your products and services could be marketable.  A market research company that specializes in the Healthcare sector can make light work of getting to the bottom of priority areas for development for your business.

Making things better

Listening to the public and patient groups can really assist your business in finding niches for product development that may not have even a cage to Healthcare providers.  Although the government rhetoric focuses on a patient-centered Health Service, individual patients are often the last to be asked about what they want from their Health Care.  Patient groups can also be a very powerful voice to take into consideration in a pull marketing strategy.  Lobbyists for improved services for patients hold a lot of weight with politicians, who in turn hold considerable sway with NHS organizations.


The Healthcare sector in England is changing beyond recognition.  Increased opportunity for private sector organizations to enter the marketplace means there are chances for companies to win NHS contracts that were previously not have been open to them.  Engaging a market research firm with experience in the Healthcare sector to perform a gap analysis can help your company target market sectors that will be profitable for your business.