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Future Technology: Pregnancy Test Dispenser in Bar Bathroom!



Most people have heard of contraception machines in bathrooms; it’s a common sight in public toilets all over the world. From Europe to America and beyond, sex-based dispenser machines are a common occurrence. But one bar in Minnesota is changing the way its customers look at sex and alcohol all together, at least its female customers that is.

A recent news report on a local news channel interviewed the owner of Bar 500, whose choice it was to have the machine installed. Mr. Fredrik said that, after one of his regulars (who happens to be an expert in fetal alcohol spectrum disorder), “it took about 30 seconds to say yes.”

The idea came from Bar 500 patron Jody Allen Crowe, who as well as being an expert in fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, also runs an organization called “Healthy Brains for Children.” He hopes that the machine will make women who believe that they might be pregnant, think twice about having a second drink, or at least test themselves first.

For a fee of three dollars, any female customer can purchase a test from the machine, with a single swipe of their credit card, allowing a fast and simplistic approach to pregnancy testing. The device was installed on the same day that the American federal government released statistics which show that one in thirteen pregnant women within the United States admitted to drinking alcohol.

A few of Bar 500’s regulars have given their statements based on their approval and enthusiasm for the new machine, suggesting that if contraception is available in the public bathrooms of bars, then having a pregnancy test machine makes perfect sense.

The machine has also been strategically placed in an upscale location, which caters well to women from urban areas who are aged around thirty and above. This is prime age for pregnant drinking in women, which has been proven by a recent survey by the Centres for Disease Control who have revealed that; out of fourteen thousand pregnant women (of those who said they drank), almost one in every five said they went on at least one binge, while they were with child.

The profits of the machine mostly go towards the creation and installation of new devices in different locations, furthering the reach of Crowe’s message. In terms of whether the price tag of $1000 per machine is a worthy investment, Crowe himself has said that “If it prevents one child, well worth it.”