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Improve your Eyesight with these Simple Exercises




What each person can do to improve his or her eyesight is through four simple exercises, useful for both short-sightedness and far-sightedness (up to three dioptres) and other visual anomalies as well.

A person perceives most of their life through vision. Indeed, the total or partial lack of the ability to see the world through your eyes often leads to social disengagement.

Approximately 10% of the population has no complaints from their eyesight at any given time, and the percentage of people without any problem for their whole life is even smaller.

There are risk factors for damage to our visual analyzer, such as work with angle grinders, lathes, radiolocation facilities, factories, TV viewing, multi-hour reading, but they cannot always be avoided.

A genetic predisposition to myopia and other disturbances in normal vision also play a role.

These exercises can help reduce tension and the inflammation of the conjunctiva to halt diopter growth or even cut it.

They are called palming, solarization, circular movements with the body and/or the head, and memory and mental presentation. They are performed without eye drops, lenses, glasses, or other ancillary things.

Palming is a relaxation of the eyes with your own palms.

Exercise can be accomplished by lying, sitting, standing, and any other position of the body.

Cover both eyes with your two own palms, with the fingers pointing upwards and slightly crossing the nose over the forehead. The nose is free. The aim here is to make the eyes darker without being pressed so it can be done in a darkened room. The whole body is maximally relaxed, with the eyes under the palms being open or closed. This solely depends on your personal preferences.

Sometimes a stronger effect is achieved when the first few minutes are opened and then gently closed. The gaze is pointed forward. The aim is for the eyes to relax under this kind of protection and to look in absolute black space. The pale lights that glow after a few exercises disappear.

Palming can be done without a time limitation.

Solarization is the exposure of your eyes to the sun’s rays.

Exercise is done with varying lengths, depending on the readiness and comfort of the practitioner.

#1. The first step is to expose your face to sunlight with eyes closed, looking downward. In a standing position, circles are made in succession in opposite directions so that the light successively touches your face on both sides – left and right until the eyes become accustomed, and this happens after repeated activities of 5-10 minutes per day.

#2. The second stage is when the circular movements of the body are performed; one palm protects one eye and the other flashes with a look at the legs.

#3. The third stage consists of making circular movements with the body, from the waist upwards, and looking at the sun with closed eyes.

It is necessary to follow the steps and have a pleasant feeling of warmth under the sun’s rays.

Observing the rising or setting sun while it is still red also helps the eyes.

These round body movements are performed in a standing position to the window or other spaces at least 2 meters away.

The eyes are open, relaxed, out of focus, and set on the distance. When the body moves from the waist upwards, with legs distracted, the view (as it is still unfocused) follows the picture, whose imaginary movement is opposite to the direction of the body. This is not a physical exercise, as it is performed slowly. The goal is to make a maximum relaxed body. There are about 50 bilateral rounds.

A variety of these exercises is the circular movements only on the head, in front of which we placed our finger at 10-15 cm. The sight is directed to the distance, the attention follows the imaginary direction of the finger movement, opposite to the direction of movement of the head.

Circular movements are okay to do both in the morning and in the evening because they help reduce nervous tension.