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Getting Sick While Travelling and How You Can Prevent It




Shortly before summer, much of the breaks and trips are planned. Warm months and higher temperatures are one more reason for a person to go on a journey and get to know a foreign city or country.

What can, however, fail your traveling to the desired destination? You suddenly get sick and wasting some of your weekends lying in the hotel room. You probably do not know how often travelers get sick.

Most of the complaints are related to viral infections of the upper respiratory tract – nose obstruction, cough, and sore throat. Fortunately, symptoms are not so severe but could be enough to spoil your journey.

Find out the 4 reasons why you can get sick on the road, and what can you do to protect yourself:

Airports and stations are home to millions of bacteria

This is not surprising, considering how many people are going through these places every day. Also, a person falls into a confined space with more people than usual, which further increases the risk of getting sick. The air in the airplane is filtered, but this will not guarantee your safety if you are sitting with an infected person who often sneezes and coughs (we all know how many germs are spread only by sneezing).

What to do: Get the most basic cold medicines before traveling. This is especially important if you go to another country because you do not know if you can find them there. Remember, public places are covered with bacteria, so wash your hands often and use a disinfectant hand gel if needed. Avoid touching your face and specifically your mouth area if your hands are not clean.

Other countries have unknown diseases

One cannot be prepared for the sicknesses in his country, what remains for those in another? For this reason, it is critical to be informed in advance about the greatest dangers to your health depending on where you go. Besides, people in different parts of the world have built up immune protection against certain things – that’s what makes foreigners more susceptible to some infections.

What to do: At least a few months before traveling to another country, be aware of the diseases you may be the victim of. In some cases, you need to resort to vaccines helping you stay calm and safe.

Tap water can be dangerous

In many countries around the world, tap water is dirty and really dangerous to your health. One of the most common complaints about the drinking of contaminated water is diarrhea. If diarrhea lasts for more than a few days and blood appears in your feces, seek medical attention immediately. The same is true if you have a fever along with diarrhea.

What to do: Being in a foreign place, consume only bottled water. In some countries, you should refuse even ice in the cup as it may also be dirty and harmful to your health.

Stress and fatigue can knock you off

Rests and trips to beautiful places are meant for relaxation of your body and mind. All pre-travel preparations can also give you extra stress, which weakens the immune system just before you travel. Fatigue further “helps” the body and makes it more susceptible to illness.