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Decleor Winter Beauty Tips



A change in temperature and humidity can dry out your skin, leading to you feeling flaky and frazzled. However, Decleor has a range of products to help maintain your winter beauty, ensuring you keep that healthy glow all year round. Also, their Winter Balm Collection made with essential oils, in both Iris and Neroli, is now available. Take control, with a beauty regime tailored to the harsh winter months and you’ll quickly reap the rewards of your hard work.

Winter Beauty Tips

Tip 1

One of the most vulnerable areas of your skin in winter is your lips. If you begin to sense that tight sore feeling around your mouth, immediately reach for the Decleor Aroma Solutions Lip Balm. Its protective formula will rehydrate your lips, allowing any chap damage to heal and defending against further cracking. Get into the habit of applying this nourishing lip treat regularly throughout the day. You will form a barrier between your delicate lips and the harsh elements, ensuring they stay soft and smooth.

Tip 2

Your skin is your largest organ, so when the temperatures plummet it needs plenty of tender loving care. Cold dry air saps its moisture, whilst rough winter fabrics can irritate its sensitive surface. As the nights draw in, make the most of these long dark evenings by exfoliating in the bath or shower to remove tired grey surface cells, then moisturizing all over before bedtime. Choose a rich restorative formula like Decleor’s Relax Intense Balm, to encase yourself in luxury and help repair rough or dry areas of skin while you sleep.

Whatever the weather the skin on your face is still exposed, risking damage. Decleor has a solution, the Nutridivine Nutriboost Ultra Cocooning Cream, cares effectively for dry skin in any climate, restoring your skin’s natural balance.

Tip 3

Wear gloves to prevent moisture from being lost from your hands and to guard them against the cold. You should aim to apply hand cream at least three times a day, in these months. Consider a product containing essential oils, these can effectively coat your hands in a protective barrier, but also make them smell divine. Decleor’s Beaute Des Mains Nourishing Comfort Hand Cream is the perfect solution. Not only is it anti-aging, but used daily it will keep hands silky soft in winter, with no greasy residue.

Tip 4

Don’t forget your feet, days spent inside warm boots will take their toll. Repair any damage caused with Decleor’s Beaute Des Pieds Comfort Foot Cream, to ensure your feet remain sandal-ready.

Your basic beauty routine needs stepping up in the colder months, but the extra care and time you invest now will get you through unscathed. What’s more, you’ll emerge into summer looking even more gorgeous than before.