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Healthy Ways To Vent Frustration In The Office



Keeping frustrations bottled up is not healthy and can have a negative impact on mood and productivity. However, we often get frustrated at work and hold it in until we get home because we do not want to vent our frustrations at the office. There are actually ways to vent at the office that is professional and will not put your job in jeopardy.

Write Your Frustrations Down

Many people keep personal journals to help release their emotions. A physical or electronic journal can be something you can do at work. For example, if your morning is just not going as planned, take a private lunch break and write down your frustrations. After pouring it all out, read it over, and see what is really sticking out. This will provide clarity in being able to see what the exact issues are so that you can develop a plan to work through them.

Take a Punching Pillow to Work

Now, you will not want to have a boxing match with the pillow at the office, but you can still use this method. When you get frustrated, head into your office or cubicle, make sure that no one is watching, and just punch the pillow. This allows you to burn off some of that negative energy. Be careful to do this quietly and now draw attention to yourself.

Talk it Out

Do you have a coworker that is also a very trusted friend? If so, when you both have a free moment talk to him or her about what is frustrating you. Be very honest and just let it out. This is basically like verbal journaling. Be very careful that you can actually trust this person because if not, this could create even more problems for you at the office. You can also head to your car or another private place on a break and simply talk to yourself. Sometimes just hearing what we are truly frustrated about in our own words can help to put things in perspective and help us find a solution.

Draw Something

If you fancy yourself as someone that enjoys art, this is a very good and harmless way to channel your frustrations. When you get a break, grab your art utensils and a drawing pad and start drawing something. It can be a flower or something far more complex. Just let it flow and calm you. You do not even need to complete the drawing. Just getting one started can be helpful because we need to concentrate on art. This helps to take our minds off of other things, such as whatever we may be frustrated about at the time.

Get a Little Exercise

First, regular exercise can help to keep our mood in a good place, to begin with. When we get frustrated, it may not be as bad when we exercise daily. Now, exercise can also be used to alleviate acute frustrations and anger. Take your lunch break to just walk around and clear your head. Be sure not to skip healthy food because when we are hungry, we tend to be more irritable. However, you can walk and still eat healthy things like string cheese and whole wheat crackers. If you happen to work somewhere that has a gym, take advantage of this. Even a 15-minute vigorous workout can get those endorphins flowing and improve our mood.