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How to Choose the Right HIFU Doctor



If you have been recently diagnosed with prostate cancer you may have many questions running through your head. For instance, you might be wondering how you got the disease, why this happened to you, and what you are supposed to do to get better. One of the most important things to do when you have prostate cancer is to make a decision right away about what type of treatment you are going to have. The sooner you get your prostate cancer treated the better are your chances of returning back to your normal life sooner rather than later.

In the past, most men were forced to have surgery or participate in chemotherapy in order to treat their prostate cancer. However, today there are many people who are choosing to get the Sonablate 500 HIFU treatment. The reason HIFU has become so popular is that it is a much less invasive procedure when compared to surgery. Additionally, many of the risks that are associated with surgery are nonexistent with HIFU. If you have decided to undergo a HIFU treatment for your prostate cancer then it is important that you pick the right physician and medical center to treat you.

There are two main forms of HIFU: Sonablate and Abletherm. Sonablate utilizes ultrasound to heat the prostate area thereby effectively killing cancer cells. Sonablate is much more customized than Abletherm and is able to treat a larger prostate size, 40 grams compared to 30 grams, while simultaneously allowing for smaller lesion size. Additionally, Sonablate HIFU carries more extensive safety precautions when being used on patients. When you are ready to pick a physician and medical center one of your first questions should be whether or not they are equipped to treat patients with the Sonablate 500. The CMUA HIFU Center utilizes the Sonablate 500 on all of their patients.

You also want to ask the physician what type of experience they have had in treating prostate cancer. It is important to choose a physician who has a lot of experience because you are relying on this person to remove cancer from your body so that you can live longer. In effect, you are relying on this person with your life.

Some clinics may offer you a heavily discounted procedure in the hopes that you will become their patient. Take caution if a clinic begins offering you a lot of discounts. Although it is always nice to save money it is more important to remain safe while undergoing any type of serious medical procedure like HIFU. Do not believe that just because the clinic is licensed and the procedure is cheap that you are getting a better deal. The truth is that you want a physician who is reliable and who wants to keep you as safe as possible at all times. Sometimes a better physician will cost more money but knowing you will remain safe under their care is always worth it.

Do not be afraid to ask the physician questions about themselves and their practice. If they are interested in having you as a client they will be willing to answer your questions no matter how basic they seem. Additionally, the more questions you ask about their history and the procedure itself the easier it will be to make the right decision on who to hire later on.

Choosing the right HIFU doctor may take a little bit of time, but once you find the right physician to work with you will worry less about the procedure and will instead focus on getting healthier and stronger. The right HIFU center will give you the peace of mind to just that.