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3 On-the-job Stress Reduction Techniques for Nurses



Nurses are charged with dealing with a host of stressful situations. They not only have to deal with sick or hurt patients but also their upset relatives and friends. Additionally, such healthcare professionals often work long shifts – anywhere from 8 to 14 hour days spent running around trying to make sure everyone has what they need. Emotions can run high in this field. This is why many nurses feel stressed on the job. Such pressure and stress can cause serious health issues like high blood pressure and back pain and can even spark such mental health issues as depression. However, there are ways to manage the stress of the job. Taking just a few moments to take care of yourself can make all the difference. These three tips are easy to implement into even the busiest schedule.

Take a Moment

Even the most fast-paced hospitals have break rooms for their nurses. It is important to steal even half a minute to yourself. This could mean grabbing some coffee, taking a trip to the bathroom, or stepping outside. Smart nurses will remove themselves from the hectic environment to catch their breath and get themselves together. This probably shouldn’t be for more than a couple of minutes. However, a quick change of scenery can relieve a lot of stress and help you regroup and focus.

Invest in the Proper Shoes

Proper shoes are important. Nurses are on their feet quite a bit. They work long shifts and are constantly attending to other people’s needs. Thus, investing in shoes that have proper supports in place is incredibly important. This ensures that nurses are not hurting their backs, feet, or putting a lot of stress on their bodies. Often, physical issues can aggravate mental health problems. Stress happens when people are tired, hurting, and wearing clothing and shoes that are too tight or too big. There are shoes specifically designed to support nurses who are on their feet all day and quality matters when making this important investment.

Get a Stress Ball and Remember to Breathe

Having a stress ball in one’s pocket can make a world of difference. Whenever people feel anxious or have too many people talking to them, they can put their hands in their pockets and squeeze a small stress ball. While doing this, it is important to practice deep breathing exercises. This helps loosen the muscles, cope with all of the stimuli, and stay cool, calm, and collected. The best part is that this is a subtle stress management tool. Most people are not likely to even notice you are squeezing a stress ball or practicing some deep breathing techniques.

Contrary to popular belief, nurses are not invincible superheroes. They, too, need to manage their stress. If this is not dealt with, a healthcare professional could end up miserable and in pain which could lead to lashing out at patients, doctors, and other nurses. Managing stress doesn’t take much time. All a nurse needs to do is take a few moments to themselves, invest in the right shoes, and use a stress ball. Calming your nerves protects your health and ensures that you can do your job without issue. No one’s job should make them unhappy or ill. There is a lot of pressure in this field. However, with the right techniques in place, you can manage all of the different responsibilities, personalities, and duties.